International 3D Society Elects Executive Board

February 17, 2010

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The International 3D Society today announced that Senior Vice President of the Sony 3D Technology Center, Sony Corporation of America, Buzz Hays has been elected as Chairman of the International 3D Society’s inaugural Executive Board. The society provides a community along with education and recognition for stereoscopic 3D professionals. DreamWorks Animation’s Head of Production Development, Jim Mainard was elected Vice Chair; Lenny Lipton, President of 3oculus was named First Vice-Chair.

Hays has been at Sony Pictures’ award-winning, visual effects and digital production studio Imageworks as Senior Producer since 2006, He is currently the chief instructor at the Sony 3D Technology Center. It is a center dedicated to training and nurturing a community of experts in the rapidly growing market of 3D entertainment.

Hays remarked, “3D technology is advancing at such a fast rate, that the industry must constantly re-educate itself. I am proud to be a part of the International 3D Society efforts to advance 3D, and support 3D professionals.”

Mainard offered, “I’m looking forward to working with my Industry peers to develop educational programs in 3D film making techniques and best practices. We have a lack of knowledgeable and experienced film makers today and I3D is chartered to change that.”

Jim Chabin was named president of the Society, and will lead a staff in developing educational activities, awards recognition, honors and professional seminars in Hollywood and elsewhere. Chabin is a past president of The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

The International 3D Society Board of Governors and its general membership span the growing stereoscopic industry, with representatives from the major studios, producers, technology suppliers, exhibitors, and distributors.

The Society’s Board of Governors include:

    Marty Banks                   UC Berkeley,
    Board Seat                    The Walt Disney Studios
    Sandy Climan                  3ality Digital
    Maria Costeira                XpanD,
    Rob Engle                     Sony Pictures Imageworks
                                  3D Visual Effects Supervisor
    Charlotte Huggins             Salient Features
    Peter Koplik                  Master Image 3D
                                  Executive Vice President
    Brian Lenz                    BSkyB
                                  Director, Product Design & TV Product
    Mike Polydoros                Lionsgate
                                  EVP of Exhibitor Relations/Operations
    Kurt Schwenk                  Paramount Pictures,
                                  VP of Post Production Services

The International 3D Society also thanked its Signature Sponsor, XpanD; Founding Sponsor, MasterImage; and 3D Awards Silver Sponsor MadMedia Entertainment, Inc.

On February 23 6pm-8:30pm the organization will be celebrating achievements in 3D entertainment at the first annual I3DS Awards Show at Mann’s Chinese Theatres. The 3D Awards Show will be utilizing XpanD active shutter glasses and technology. This will be the first time the Mann Chinese Theatre will use XpanD glasses and systems. For more information please visit www.international3dsociety.com.

SOURCE International 3D Society

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