Entrepreneurs and Corporations Can Double, Triple or Quadruple Sales With Proven Methods from Business Development Expert Ron Karr

February 23, 2010

WESTWOOD, N.J., Feb. 23 /PRNewswire/ — In this tough economy, if you are going to survive, you now need to sell your way out of the recovery.

“That means not just closing deals, but increasing the size of each deal,” says Business Development Expert Ron Karr, whose latest book “Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way: The 7 Traits of Great Sellers” (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) outlines a repeatable process based on the powerful idea that great sellers lead relationships in the same way that great leaders sell ideas.

“What would it mean if you could double, triple or even quadruple the size of your deals? I guarantee you can generate more revenues from each deal if you apply these simple techniques,” says Karr, an expert who delivers seminars and training on sales, leadership and negotiations for such clients as Hewlett Packard, UPS and Marriott Hotels.

“If you incorporate these four strategies, you will close more deals, increase the size of your deals and succeed in these tough times. These strategies have helped our clients generate revenues in excess of half a billion dollars,” said Karr. The tactics can also help executives ace their interviews and get new jobs.

1) Increase the Scope of Your Conversation – Elevate the transactional conversation you have to an enterprise conversation. That means to move beyond your products and features. Ask each decision maker about the goals of their organization. What role does that decision maker have in achieving those goals? Then position your products and services appropriately as to how they will help the decision maker achieve those goals. This is key to increasing your perceived value and separating yourself from the competition.

2) Don’t Puke on Your Customers – Do not start the conversation by regurgitating all the features your products and services have to offer. All this does is commoditize you. Every sales rep does this. If you want to be different and position yourself at a higher level, ask great questions before you start presenting your assets.

3) Ask Great Questions – Most salespeople ask questions that limit their ability to get the deal and reduce the size of most deals. They ask questions such as: “Who are you using?,” “What are you using?,” and “Why did you make this decision?” These questions do not add any value to your customer and you will lose their interest. Ask them instead “What are you trying to accomplish?,” “What’s missing for you?,” “What obstacles are you facing that need to be addressed?,” and “What are your desires for a better life, a better way of doing things?” These questions, known as “issues questions,” will get your customer’s attention. It will also help you uncover opportunities that will empower you to sell more in less time!

4) Find Out the Consequences – Lead the customer through a conversation regarding the consequences and impacts of making the right decision. By having the customer verbalize what’s at stake, you will succeed in creating the urgency to close a deal. Urgency is derived from your customer’s answers – their reasons. You can’t create urgency from your answers.

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About Ron Karr

Ron Karr is acclaimed by business leaders as “America’s Business Transformation Expert.” President of business consulting firm Karr Associates, Inc., Ron is a captivating speaker and in-demand business consultant. Karr Associates, Inc. specializes in helping organizations and professionals generate remarkable sales and operational results with The Titan Principle(R) and helps companies design and implement positioning and sales strategies that accelerate sales growth and profitability.

Ron conducts keynotes and seminars that focus on real-world business success and knowledge he gained during a highly successful career in sales and management. His key areas of expertise include sales, negotiations, customer service and productivity.

Ron is also author of the acclaimed book The Titan Principle(R), The Number One Secret to Sales Success (Chandler House Press) and co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Great Customer Service (Macmillan Books).

Ron is a national director of National Speakers Association and past president of its NY Tri-State Chapter. He also holds the CSP (Certified Speaker Professional) designation which is awarded by the National Speakers Association.


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