Curvaceous Designer Gowns May Even Turn Oscar’s Head at 82nd Academy Awards

March 7, 2010

DALLAS and PLANO, Texas, March 7 /PRNewswire/ — No matter which Hollywood starlet receives the most ballot votes at this evening’s home Oscar parties, one beauty accessory the movie screen lovelies may be walking the red carpet with at the Academy Awards tonight might be drawing more eyes to the awards event than ever before. No, it’s not designer handbags, designer shoes, jewelry, or even the elegant gowns crafted by Oscar de la Renta or Christian Siriano. While many of these ‘bling’ and bauble items will place near the top of most women’s ‘what’s-fashionable in 2010′ wish list, the number one spot should be reserved for something more men will be focusing on this year–in a word: ‘badunkadunk’ (or, ‘Badonkadonk,’ according to country western singer Trace Adkins).

The waifish, gaunt look made popular by Hollywood stars and top models may have finally run its cycle. Barbara Adelglass, L.E., Director of Aesthetics for SKINTASTIC Medical and Surgical Rejuvenation Centers in Uptown Dallas and Plano, Texas says, “This year, if one really pays attention to the designer dresses worn at the Oscars, Golden Globes and other award shows, they will see less ‘tomboy’ and ‘twiggy’ styles, and a lot more of the old Hollywood ‘Marilyn Monroe’ look–it’s less about straight lines now, but all about curves, curves, curves.” Barbara should know–more and more, cosmetic patients are walking in voicing their wishes to look more like Beyonce or the sexy ‘Madmen’ redheaded secretary Joan Holloway portrayed by Christina Hendricks. “When SKINTASTIC first began offering laser body sculpting, everyone wanted a flat stomach, or an etched muscular 4-pack or 6-pack abdomen. Over the last few months, women are saying, ‘give me a better waistline and tighter abdomen, but leave the hips and the junk in the trunk, please.’”

It is not so much the dress you are wearing as it is how you wear the dress.

Barbara cautions that when selecting a gown that accentuates feminine curves, red carpet walkers should also take notice of how cinching the waistline can affect the look of low-back dresses. “There’s nothing worse than seeing a bra-roll or muffin top as a woman walks away. There are body-sculpting lasers like the SmartLipo(TM) MPX which can entirely re-shape the back and the backs of the arms to have one camera-ready in advance of a big awards ceremony.” She adds, “Medispas like SKINTASTIC offer an entire arsenal of lasers and products to rejuvenate the skin and hands–wrinkled or boney-looking hands can really take away from the visual effect.” Before a wedding or other upcoming big event, Barbara suggests visiting the medical spa two, even three months in advance. “It’s amazing just how many body-sculpting, facial and skin rejuvenation treatments there are that can be performed in a single treatment–some in less than an hour, but one should always allow some time for any slight bruising or swelling to subside before slipping on a designer dress. An aesthetician will usually prescribe a customized skincare product regimen to complement a new body shape–cosmeceutical products require a good month or two to totally rejuvenate and renew the skin for those red carpet close-ups.” When asked about her own Academy Awards picks, Barbara offers, “it’s a dead heat between Sandra Bullock–another back-easterner transplanted to Texas—as best actress in her role in ‘The Blind Side’, and Meryl Streep’s homage to Julia Childs, while wearing some incredible time-transcending fashions in ‘Julia and Julia.’”

Have a beauty question for Barbara? Contact Pamela Fox, SKINTASTIC Director of Communications at 972-620-3223, extension 130 to schedule a complimentary private evaluation with Barbara Adelglass, L.E. at one of SKINTASTIC’s two north Texas locations: SKINTASTIC Medical and Surgical Rejuvenation Center, 6020 W. Parker Rd., Suite 400, Plano, TX 75093 and SKINTASTIC Uptown!, 2525 McKinney Ave., Suite A, Dallas, TX 75201. www.skintastic.com

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