Dutch Solution Makes Google Find Content Syndication

March 8, 2010

AMSTERDAM, March 8, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Dutch DCM Services is the
world’s first company to offer a self designed application named Live!
Syndication allowing Google to find and index syndicated content on all
participating websites. This is very important news for all manufacturers,
distributors, publishing companies and governments that like to publish their
information from a single source to a wide variety of websites, platforms and
target groups.

Up until now this information distributed through the internet, also
known as Content Syndication, remained invisible to Google, because it was
not considered to be a part of the website or web shop. By adding a special
code Google is able to index this information and list it in its search

DCM Services considers the addition to the Live! Syndication platform a
mayor breakthrough in the distribution of information through the internet
from a single source, especially because there is a wide variety of
applications. “With this system we’ll turn the world a little bit upside
down,” Gerard van Eldik, CEO of DCM Services states. “Everyone always tries
to lure visitors to its website, but in our mind the visitor is already
online and it’s our goal to send the information to him directly.”

Content Syndication operates through a special link or button on the
host’s website. For instance, a reseller can add the latest product
information to his website from his supplier which is maintained by his
manufacturer or distributor. In times of epidemics the government is able to
distribute correct information to all municipal, public health department or
school websites in order to prevent agitation caused by inaccurate
information. With this application it’s even possible for agricultural
organisations to sms their farmers during dry periods whether they should
water their crops or not. “This is how you narrow the communication gap
between users and offer manufacturers or organisations extra service,” Van

Live! Syndication makes Google find Content Syndication. With this new
application, DCM Services aims for manufacturers and their distributors,
publishing companies, governments, interest groups and scientific
institutions. “With this system you can publish real-time reliable
information from a singular source which is recognised by Google,” Van Eldik explains.

More information: http://www.livesyndication.com

Not for publication:

DCM Services B.V. is a Dutch company specialised in the implementation
and development of content syndication systems in the broadest sense. Live!
Syndication platform is a multiplatform communication system that aims to
recycle and distribute profiled content and is fully developed by DCM
Services. Many large scale organisations already have chosen for Live!

DCM Services is collaborating with third party international
organisations like among others TIE Holding B.V.


Source: newswire

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