‘Karma’ Epic Addressing Tiger Woods and Michael Jackson Postponed Due to Strong Christian Interest

March 15, 2010

NEW YORK, March 15 /PRNewswire/ — The international epic “Karma: The New Revolution” which will explore all aspects of Karma and Redemption and how they manifested in recent events — from the apology of Tiger Woods and death of Michael Jackson to the travails of Young Hollywood – has been temporarily postponed due to a growing interest from Christians.

As the Presenter and one of the only Buddhist-Brahmins in the West, Acharya Zen states “although the film features an unprecedented plethora of Buddhist philosophies tailored for a Western audience, we received a great deal of interest from Christians eager to know more about Karma from a Christian perspective. I’m not sure as to whether Brit Hume’s comments triggered this reaction but we will now be including a new sequence filmed inside the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris to highlight the role of Karma in Christianity and many will be surprised by what we reveal.”

The epic has also been filmed in exclusive locales around the world from the Louvre Museum in Paris and Asakusa Temple in Tokyo to the Sal forests where the Buddha taught in India and the beaches where Gandhi dreamed of changing the world.

The film will also explain the role Karma has played in pop culture from the arrests of O.J. Simpson and Roman Polanski to the perils of fame and indulgence that often affect young Hollywood celebrities. It will also take a respectful look at the lessons we can learn from Michael Jackson and detail the Buddhist teachings that will be instrumental in Tiger Woods’ comeback.

Furthermore, the film will feature powerful real-life stories of Westerners who have used Karma Yoga to overcome unfathomable odds from heart-attacks and pediatric cancer to escaping war-torn refugee camps.

Moreover, the film will include the views of Western philosophers including Einstein, Franklin, Sagan, Jung, Voltaire and their peers to explain the scientific basis of Karma.

The new release dates for the film and the original soundtrack will be announced soon and previews can be accessed at www.RightKarma.net

Acharya Zen is one of the only Buddhist-Brahmins from the West whose distinguished lineage authored and maintained most of the Buddhist and Hindu scriptures over the millennia. He uniquely combines Eastern philosophies with Western motivational speaking and can be visited at www.AcharyaZen.com and www.AcharyaZen.org.

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SOURCE The Acharya Zen Organization

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