Hungary’s Post-Communist Government Blocks Controversial Multi-Award-Winning American-Hungarian Documentary ‘Torn from the Flag.’

March 24, 2010

LOS ANGELES, March 24 /PRNewswire/ — Torn from the Flag, a feature-length, sociopolitical documentary about the decline of communism and the global effects of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution continues to be blocked by Hungary’s current post-communist government.

Even though the film has received many international accolades, in Hungary it is apparent that is being discriminated against and its distribution has been prevented. The film’s emphasis on the human need for freedom inspires social change. The message is as relevant today as it was 50 years ago and it is a threat to communist regimes around the globe.

The Hungarian Uprising in 1956 was a pivotal catalyst for democracy in Eastern Europe, yet two decades after 1989, Hungary actively struggles with the legacy of communism. Some members of the former communist elite held on to their political influence in the current dominant ruling party MSZP, a self-admitted corrupt organization. MSZP’s oppressive nature culminated during the 50th anniversary of the 1956 events. Masses commemorating peacefully fell victim to police brutality, unjustified imprisonments and torture. Women, priests, journalists and opposition government officials were severally beaten; Amnesty International and the UN’s Committee Against Torture expressed concern about “the excessive use of force by the police” and suggested “Hungary should develop a methodology to assess the effectiveness… on the reduction of cases of torture, violence and ill-treatment.”

The acts of terror caused a moral crisis in Hungary; it still lingers today though the upcoming elections are giving courage to many. More and more people are looking forward to ousting the current government that has discouraged and ridiculed patriotism.

US-Hungarian citizen Producer-Director Klaudia Kovacs is also hopeful: “The more human rights violations occurred the clearer it became that people needed additional sources of inspiration. Being expelled from my birth country’s consulate or being summoned by the Ministry because I practiced my right to freedom of speech are minor incidents compared to what my countrymen had to endure. I continue to take a firm stand against the communist crimes and I trust that Torn from the Flag‘s message will be welcomed not only internationally but also in Hungary under a new and fair government.”

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