American Foreign Policy Through an Ancient Greek Lens

March 30, 2010

GREEN BAY, Wis., March 30 /PRNewswire/ — For anyone who currently supports the U.S. troops overseas yet questions the legitimacy of the war itself, they may find a parallel to war in Ancient Greece. In his new release, “Alcibiades: Fact, Fiction, Farce” (published by Trafford), author Jack Meyer reconstructs the life of Alcibiades, a man who uniquely impacted classical Athens, and uses the Greek experience as an analogue for a critique of today’s American foreign policy.

The populace of Athens held varied opinions about Alcibiades, a handsome boy who exhibited a devious and audacious personality. Was he just a troublemaker with an attitude or would this spunky youth grow up to do something great? Based on historical record, orphaned Alcibiades grew up in the household of Pericles – the builder of the Parthenon, was Socrates’ favorite student and was immensely handsome and rich.

“Alcibiades: Fact, Fiction, Farce” tells the story of the stunning career of this brilliant tactical military commander ending with the Peloponnesian War in which Athens was inconceivably defeated by Sparta after 27 years. He was a persuasive orator and consummate traitor who switched sides three times during the war. Alcibiades’ misdeeds and long-time relationship with Socrates are said to have led to the great philosopher’s execution at the end of the war. The city’s own favorite son, this product of the Golden Age, was a man as morally corrupt as he was convincingly eloquent. Meyer writes:

“Straightening, Alcibiades lisps, ‘Men of arms, it is our day to show everyone that we are Athenians. Affirm your loyalty to your mother city. Cherish unto death the privilege to defend to the utmost. We are the warriors of the world that all barbarians must fear. Life or death, we fight for liberty. No tyranny can prevail against us. Onto Victory!’ The effect is electric, his unique speaking skills impressive. A small crowd has gathered and is duly amazed. This most good looking youth is clearly destined for a place before the Assembly.”

About the Author

Jack Meyer is an unaffiliated freelance writer living in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He has previously written “The Odyssey of the Western Spirit: From Scarcity to Abundance” and “Alcibiades: A Play in Three Acts.” Meyer holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, in philosophy and history and has a master’s degree in philosophy from Duquesne University.

“Alcibiades: Fact, Fiction, Farce”

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