Kids Golf FREE(R) Program Introduces Left Handed and Right Handed Golf Balls

April 2, 2010

VERONA, Wis., April 2 /PRNewswire/ — The Kids Golf FREE(R) Program today announced the launch of the most technologically advanced golf balls ever made – which will be available to members across the United States beginning April 1, 2010.

Kids Golf FREE(R), the premier youth golf program in the United States, has taken an entirely different approach to simplifying the game for new golfers. Their innovative invention has created golf balls for both Left and Right-handed golfers. These new stance-specific balls are designed to counteract the normal swing forces of most golfers – straightening out shots and making it easier to hit fairways and greens.

The Left Handed golf ball has a unique counter-wound core with a right-of-center weight bias. The effect of this unique approach to golf ball construction creates a ball that wants to spin to the right when struck. The result is a swing having an outside-in path, which creates a shot that has a slicing tendency (to the left), will now fly straight because the effects of the core counteract the spin created from the clubface. It has been shown that 91% of golfers have a slice-prone swing.

The Right Handed golf ball has its own unique counter-wound core with a left-of-center weight bias. This creates a ball that wants to spin to the left when struck, creating the reverse of the new Left Handed Golf Ball.

The results are nothing short of remarkable. Users now have shots that, instead of slicing heavily, now fade only three to five yards on average, making the ball end up in playable lies in the fairway or rough. Testing has shown golfer’s scores dropping by an average 18 strokes per game using these new balls by having more shots coming from better lies.

Initially these balls will only be available to Kids Golf FREE(R) Program members and their families due to limited quantities. Production increases are in the works and balls will be available worldwide by 4/1/2011.

Product Warning

Severe slices will occur if the wrong ball is used. Right Handed balls hit by left-handed golfers and Left Handed balls hit by right-handed golfers will slice severely and should never be attempted.

Notes to Editors:

Kids Golf FREE(R) is an organization designed to get children into the game of golf by allowing unlimited golf at participating courses May through September. Parents and grandparents are able to play unlimited golf alongside the child member for a small monthly fee. Purchase and program membership information can be obtained at http://www.KidsGolfFREE.org or you can contact Chris Monge and the Kids Golf FREE(R) office at 608-721-1185.

A complete product description along with photos is available on the website at http://www.KidsGolfFREE.org and there is no charge for using any images from the website or this story.

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