Clash of the Titans Fans Can Live Like Zeus With New Book as Their Guide

April 5, 2010

BOSTON, April 5 /PRNewswire/ — Monster scorpions. Bulging muscles. Passionate kisses. The clash begins this week — Clash of the Titans that is. As throngs of moviegoers exit theatres nationwide, they’ll wonder “what now?”

Forget finding Zeus-like inspiration in boring suburbia or Saturday soccer practice… these fans clearly need a handbook to satisfy Godly needs.

With the Hollywood machine buzzing at full-tilt, it’s clear the Greek gods are all the rage — just like ancient times! For readers looking to go from man to myth in one fell swoop, comes Adams Media’s latest blockbuster, The Mythic Warrior’s Handbook: Outsmart Athena, Slay Medusa, Impress Zeus, and Claim Your Place in the Pantheon of the Gods by Chiron the Centaur — ancient teacher to all amateur heroes. What man doesn’t want to be an Adonis?! This book shows him how! With Chiron as their guide, modern mortals can join the ranks of the coolest Ancient Greeks and finally be the hero they were born to be!

About the author:

Chiron the Centaur lived in Ancient Greece. He was a half-man, half-horse and highly respected tutor of ancient heroes such as Jason, Theseus, and Achilles. Skilled in a number of fighting techniques and knowledgeable of Greek gods and monsters, Chiron welcomes anyone who wants to go from man to myth.

E. Carlson is currently finishing work on a master’s degree in Classics at the University of Maryland. H. Day studied Classics at Wheaton College before teaching Classic Mythology at the University of Maryland while earning a master’s degree.

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