Favorability for Tiger Woods Increases Among Press Conference Viewers

April 5, 2010

FLEMINGTON, N.J., April 5 /PRNewswire/ — Results from a national media study among 1,200 Americans revealed that the average ratings of favorability towards Tiger Woods increased from a score of 3.7 to a score of 3.9, on a scale of 1 to 7, after viewing video clips from Woods’ press conference this afternoon.

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The study was conducted today by HCD Research using its MediaCurves.com® website, to obtain viewers’ perceptions of video clips from a press conference given by Tiger Woods at the Masters golf tournament. To view detailed results go to: www.mediacurves.com.

After watching the video, nearly one-third (31%) of viewers indicated that they had a more positive perception of Tiger Woods. Woods’ average believability ratings increased from a 3.6 before the video to a 4.0 after the video and his average sincerity ratings also increased from 3.7 before the video to 4.1 after the video. In addition, the majority of viewers (63%) felt that the apologies Woods has given have been sufficient.

Among the findings:

Please indicate how favorable you are of the Tiger Woods using a scale of 1-7 where 1 represents, “Not at all favorable” and 7 represents, “Extremely favorable.”

                  Before Video     After Video
                  ------------     -----------
    Mean              3.7             3.9

Please rate Tiger Woods on the following attributes where 1 represents “Not at all strong in this attribute” and 7 represents “Extremely strong in this attribute”

                          Before Video     After Video
                          ------------     -----------
    Likeability                4.1             4.1
    -----------                ---             ---
    Believability              3.6             4.0
    -------------              ---             ---
    Sincerity                  3.7             4.1

Has this press conference changed your perception of Tiger Woods?

    Yes, I have a more negative
     perception of Tiger Woods              15%
    ---------------------------             ---
    Yes, I have a more positive
     perception of Tiger Woods              31%
    ---------------------------             ---
    No, my perception of Tiger
     Woods has not changed                  54%

Do you think the apology that Tiger Woods gave was sufficient?

    Yes                                     63%
    ---                                     ---
    No                                      37%

While viewing the video, participants indicated their perceived levels of sincerity by moving their mouse from left to right on a continuum. The responses were recorded in quarter-second intervals and reported in the form of curves. The participants were also asked to respond to post-viewing questions.

HCD Research is a marketing and communications research company headquartered in Flemington, NJ. The company’s services include traditional and web-based research. For additional information on HCD Research, access the company’s web site at www.hcdi.net or call HCD Research at 908-788-9393. MediaCurves.com® (www.mediacurves.com) is a media measurement website that provides the media and general public with a venue to view Americans’ perceptions of popular and controversial media events and advertisements.


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