WiseWindow Tracks Tiger Woods’ Share of Online Positive and Negative Mass Opinion During Masters Week

April 6, 2010

IRVINE, Calif., April 6 /PRNewswire/ — “An impressive return by Tiger Woods.” “I wish Tiger Woods would just go away.” These are two of thousands of opinions expressed online yesterday afternoon after Tiger Woods’ press conference and they reflect the dichotomy of sentiment. WiseWindow, creators of Mass Opinion Business Intelligence (MOBI), today announced the company is using MOBI to discover and track the growth in Woods’ total “share of opinion” as the Masters approaches. MOBI will also be used to measure change of positive and negative mass sentiment following milestones such as the press conference and first day of competition. The analysis will also reflect the nature of the topics being discussed as they relate to Woods and how those changes impact the sponsors and business brands associated with Woods. Since MOBI doesn’t use keywords to track data, but rather employs new web crawling and cloud computing methodologies to “discover” unsolicited opinions, it’s the only web measurement tool capable of taking mass opinion and translating it into actionable business intelligence. While usually employed by businesses seeking actionable data on products and brands, MOBI has been applied to Tiger Woods and his sponsors as a public analysis project.

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As graph #1 shows, prior to the press conference on 4/5/10, Tiger Woods’ opinion volume was only in the thousands of opinions per day. Following the press conference, that number immediately jumped to approximately 20,000 opinions. Even more critical for businesses associated with Woods, the WiseWindow Mass Opinion Sentiment Meter shifted from a balanced positive/negative opinion during the weeks prior to the press conference to a dramatic increase in the difference of positive over negative.

Before 4/5/10, the topics of mass opinion showed a definite increase in people discussing golf versus those expressing opinions about Woods’ infidelity. The opinions relating to Woods’ business relationships trended along with the change showing a positive upswing as the topic of conversation leaned more to golf. Following the press conference, despite or perhaps because of the many questions addressed to Woods’ personal life, the conversation shifted even more significantly toward golf, a topic trend that should prove positive to Woods’ sponsors and related businesses. WiseWindow will announce additional results discovered by Mass Opinion Business Intelligence later this week.

About WiseWindow

WiseWindow provides a new generation of web measurement technology that goes far beyond traditional keyword searches to mine and analyze the millions of opinions expressed in social media each day, identify only those that relate to a given company or product, and refine those opinions into actionable reports. The measurement, called Mass Opinion Business Intelligence (MOBI), was developed by some of the industry’s leading experts in web measurement, cloud computing and market research and can discover things like total share of opinion and how it correlates with share of market. More information can be found at www.wisewindow.com.

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