Health Monitor Network Shake, Shakes It Away: ‘Laugh Out Loud For Health’ iPad App Adds Humor And Fun To Calorie Counting

April 9, 2010

PARAMUS, N.J., April 9 /PRNewswire/ — Health Monitor Network, the leading multimedia provider of health education, is encouraging iPad users to “shake it” and to “Laugh Out Loud for Health” (“LOL”), with a novel iPad application available free of charge from the iTunes store. With just a tap and a shake, iPad users can access jokes and a calorie counter.

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“We believe there’s truth to the mantra that ‘laughter is good for your health,’” said Alex Dong, Vice President of Marketing and New Products. “So, rather than rehash the educational material featured in our magazines, we chose to create an amusing new app that would put a smile on users’ faces — and might even cause them to shake a bit.”

Four months ago, Health Monitor Network invited readers to submit health-related jokes, some of which were published in its magazines. The response was overwhelming: Readers loved the humorous approach. They sent in thousands of jokes that are now available for the cost of a good shake of the iPad. For added fun, Health Monitor Network added a calorie counter so that, with each shake, users can see how many calories they’re burning. The stronger the shake, the more calories burned.

Of course, laughter is contagious and, apparently, so is iPad shaking. Just how contagious is the focus of a YouTube video featuring “LOL” users vigorously shaking their iPads, both to see how much effect they can have on the calorie counter and to enjoy the next joke. “It’s truly amazing to see a group of adults get so wrapped up that they’d compete to see whose shake burns the most calories. We’re thrilled to see people have such a good time with this app, even with the understanding that it’s all in fun,” Mr. Dong commented.

Health Monitor Network is best known for its magazines, which cover a range of therapeutic areas. They are distributed through doctor offices, by other health care professionals, and directly to patients’ homes. Recently, however, Health Monitor Network began supplementing its publications with online editions of the magazines and the development of high-tech, interactive support tools such as http://www.guide2chemo.com, which features general information about chemotherapy, and a series of tools and tips to help cancer patients and their families through the chemotherapy journey. More than 10,000 people have downloaded the site’s interactive “Chemo Calendar” to help patients keep track of appointments and other treatment details. The “LOL” app is the first of several applications that Health Monitor Network plans to introduce in the near future, including a version of the “Chemo Calendar” for the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch.

The content in “Laugh Out Loud for Health” is for entertainment purposes only. The views and opinions expressed in the application are those of Health Monitor Network readers, and do not reflect the views of Health Monitor Network. Nothing on the app is meant to be used as health or medical advice.

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Health Monitor Network is the nation’s leading multimedia patient-education company. With a platform of 40 million patients through 120,000 physician offices, 300,000 physicians and 2 million households, Health Monitor Network has set the standard for high-quality, patient-friendly health information.

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