Bobby Jones Golf Launches New SuperLight Driver by Jesse Ortiz

April 13, 2010

HAYWARD, Calif., April 13 /PRNewswire/ — They’re not for everybody, but the new Workshop Edition SuperLight Series drivers designed by master craftsman Jesse Ortiz for Bobby Jones Golf (http://www.bobbyjonesgolf.net/) are adding an average of 15 to 20 yards to the drives of good golfers whose swing speeds have now dropped into the 80s or below.

Drawing on new technology and his own passion for designing better golf clubs, Ortiz started with the award-winning Workshop Edition driver head. Its aerodynamic, triangular shape enhances the head’s rotation during the swing, allowing the face to square more easily at impact and better correct off-center hits. He added the super-premium 45-gram Graphite Design YSQ Tour AD SuperLight shaft, and Winn’s new 25-gram “lite” grip. Together, they reduce the total weight of the driver by 45 grams.

But Ortiz didn’t stop there. The designer increased the shaft length to 47 inches, resulting in a club-head speed increase of nearly seven mph and a swing distance increase of at least 15 yards for most players. Superior performance for many, says Ortiz, boils down to physics.

“The light weight of the SuperLight Series drivers allow for greater control, even though the shaft is a full two inches over standard,” Ortiz explained. “We removed no weight from the head. All the weight reduction comes from the shaft and grip areas, which allows golfers to increase club-head speed with no sacrifice in mass at the impact zone — and with no extra effort or strength required.”

Compared to standard drivers, which have 60- or 65-gram shafts with 50-gram grips, a 45-inch length and a weight of about 320 grams, the SuperLight Series drivers are featherweights. Even with the added shaft length, they weigh in at under 285 grams.

Available in stiff, regular and senior flexes, the SuperLight Series drivers will most benefit golfers who consistently hit fairways but have lost distance over the years. Although Ortiz recommends the full 47-inch shaft and cautions golfers who want to get the most out of the technology to stay at 46 inches or above, Bobby Jones Golf will, however, make the driver any length the customer desires.

“I have demonstrated the SuperLight Series drivers at events nationwide, and the results are always the same. Golfers consistently gain yardage, starting from the first few shots,” stated Ortiz. “Drivers today all go about the same distance. The only way to increase distance under the USGA rules is to increase club-head speed and increase the arc or distance the club-head travels during the swing. Bobby Jones Golf’s new SuperLight technology addresses those two points in a way we haven’t seen since the advent of the first graphite shafts nearly four decades ago.”

A short video at http://www.bobbyjonesgolf.com/SuperLite-Driver?sc=14&category=7028 provides additional details about the SuperLight Series drivers from Bobby Jones Golf. Learn more about Ortiz and Bobby Jones Golf at http://www.bobbyjonesgolf.com/.

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