What Do Hugging Taylor Swift and Stand-Up Comedy for Pete Sampras Have in Common? They’re More Than Myth(TM)

April 13, 2010

CHICAGO, April 13 /PRNewswire/ — More Than Myth(TM) (MTM) kicked off their ‘grand social experiment’ 3/31 to capture and chronicle the most uninhibited and outrageous (but true) stories of a generation. Through a simple 3-step process MTM makes it easy for members to tell their greatest stories. People vote to determine what stories will be immortalized via guaranteed publishing in MTM’s upcoming book.

Michael Wekall and Ryan Leander know about wild stories. They’re the guys behind ‘A Hug From Taylor Swift,’ the viral documentary phenomenon which got the attention of the Pop-and-Country superstar. Taylor has personally responded by issuing ‘video challenges,’ turning the quest for a hug into an interactive game.

But Michael, a History major at Auburn University, is hoping the hug is just the beginning. “I started this as a challenge to myself – to see if I could make something big happen with my interest in film,” Michael said.

Enter More Than Myth(TM).

“MTM is a platform for elevating people’s most outrageous stories,” said founder Daniel Tweedall, “Michael and Ryan have shown they know how to tell a great story. So we’re helping them with Taylor, while collaborating on bringing a new story to life in a similar way.”

That story belongs to comedian Rajiv Satyal, who in an interview with MTM shared his bizarre yet inspiring moment which encouraged him to pursue stand-up: performing for Pete Sampras. Not recently in Los Angeles where he lives today – as an Ohio high schooler at The Masters tennis tournament in the locker room… after he’d asked Sampras on a dare to wear a Charlie® (the Tuna) mascot costume.

“It’s funny,” said Rajiv, “books and movies are always proud to be ‘based on a true story.’ But in life we say ‘Wow, that sounds like something out of a book/movie.’ My Sampras story isn’t about the celeb factor – it’s that we all have these ‘life is stranger than fiction’ moments. And they’re the best stories.”

“I’m excited because this is a great way to bring MTM’s stories to life for people,” said Tweedall. “When you boil it down it’s about a guy who had fun living in the moment and experienced something incredible. Our generation relates to that on many levels.”

“We’re psyched,” said Wekall. “Partnering with MTM is going to be huge. It’s already looking incredible and we’ve just gotten started.”

How will this story unfold? When asked, Tweedall just laughs.

“It’s a hysterical story to start, and we’re working with a great comic and guys who know how to have fun with a big idea. What’s already lined up is interesting… to say the least. The making of MTM is becoming a legendary story in and of itself. It’s going to be a damn good time.”

For more information on the above and the $10K ‘MTM: Living Legend’ story contest, visit MTM’s site at www.morethanmyth.com.

About More Than Myth(TM)

More Than Myth(TM) is a ‘grand social experiment’ created to capture and chronicle the most uninhibited and outrageous (but true) stories of a generation. Those stories that your friends say ‘sound like something out of a book?’ Now they can be: Launched March 31, More Than Myth(TM) is a next-generation platform that makes it easy to tell your greatest stories to friends and the world. Which stories become enshrined in The Book is up to you. Who said the road to glory had to be a tough one?

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