Rael: ‘The Catholic Church Should Be Denied Sovereign State Status and Be Recognized as a Dangerous, Criminal Organization’

April 15, 2010

LAS VEGAS, April 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — In a statement released today, the Raelian Movement has asked all governments worldwide to cease recognizing the Vatican as a sovereign state.

“For the past ten years, Rael and members of the International Raelian Movement have repeatedly exposed the crimes of the Catholic clergy,” explained Ricky Roehr, the Raelian Movement’s (www.rael.org) North American leader. “But the Vatican has always enjoyed immunity from being legally prosecuted – and even from being investigated for almost anything because of its recognition as a sovereign state. It’s more than time for the Vatican and senior officers of the Church to be officially – and legally – investigated for pedophilia cover ups and other crimes against humanity.”

Roehr noted that the 110 acres of the Vatican shelter 800 people who have full diplomatic immunity, even for pedophilia, and that this territory is recognized enough to be granted Observer Status at the United Nations. And he pointed out that at the request of the Vatican, former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now the pontiff), was granted immunity from prosecution in the United States by George Bush while he was still in office.

“It’s disturbing to realize that although my country didn’t hesitate to occupy a sovereign state like Iraq for a crime it didn’t commit, it still recognizes the sovereignty of a piece of land in the middle of Rome led by a man who has repeatedly denied assistance to abused children,” Roehr said. “We hope Richard Dawkins’ attempt to have him prosecuted in the United Kingdom will be successful, but we know that the Vatican’s recognition as a sovereign state has been the key for all the Catholic criminals to be granted immunity.”

Roehr added that in 2001, Raelians set up a nonprofit association in Europe called NOPEDO to draw public attention to the coverups. NOPEDO was promptly sued by the Church in Europe and was even condemned for helping victims expose pedophile priests. The case is now under appeal. In 2003, Raelians filed an urgent appeal with the United Nations, but that appeal has gone unanswered.

“It’s appalling how the world – Catholic or not – can let the Vatican avoid legal action for pedophilia and other criminal acts and let it influence governments to sue those who denounce its crimes,” Roehr said. “Maybe the public feels that to attack the Church would be attacking God. First, there is no God – but for those who do believe in God, do they really think God would want the crimes of pedophilia and the spreading of AIDS, et cetera, to be carried out in His name? Please, think!”

Roehr said Raelians have always suggested that members of any religion apostatize (officially depart) from that religion if it doesn’t respect the right to be gay, use birth control, be pro-abortion or make any other lifestyle choice. Raelians also lead campaigns asking that all religious scriptures and teachings be reviewed by a Human Rights Committee for the purpose of removing all parts that fail to respect these basic rights.

“Through our campaigns, we’ve received lots of support showing that the public has had enough of these spiritual puppets,” said Roehr. “If the Vatican is a state, it’s only because of the leftover power it still wields in the world. Less than 500 years ago, it burned its critics at the stake, but it still maintains far more influence than any religion should have over governments and populations. The Pope and other Catholic officials now shown to have covered up many cases of pedophilia cannot be prosecuted because they’ve been granted diplomatic immunity. What is more important – the rights of a child, which they so loudly tout when it comes to abortion – or the Church’s reputation and so-called infallibility? The more that is uncovered around the world by victims, investigators and attorneys like Jon Levy [www.vaticanbankclaims.com], the more people will discover that the Vatican should be prosecuted, not protected. It starts by denying it sovereignty and recognizing its criminal practices.”

SOURCE Raelian Movement

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