Better Homes and Gardens Magazine and BHG.com Feature New Grilling Ideas and Grilling Recipes

April 17, 2010

NEW YORK, April 17 /PRNewswire/ — The outdoor grilling season has officially begun, and Better Homes and Gardens magazine and BHG.com are featuring grilling ideas and new grilling recipes. BHG.com’s best grilling recipes covers grilling tips for the beginning outdoor cook and recipes for grilling vegetables and all kinds of meat and fish.

“After a pretty harsh winter this year, we rushed to get all our new grilling content posted so people could start enjoying the warmer weather immediately,” said Doug Crichton, BHG Network Editorial Director. “Whether grilling burgers or grilling steaks, we’ve got great marinades and helpful grilling tips for making the first patio or cookout party a huge success.”

For outdoor cooks who are just getting started with grilling, BHG.com has plenty of grilling tips to make that first attempt a fun experience. The grilling tips cover how to arrange the cooking coals, how to light a gas grill and, regardless of which type of grill is being used, how to tell when the food is done.

One of the most popular grilling meals is grilled chicken. BHG.com has tons of grilled chicken recipes with photos, including honey-Dijon barbecued chicken, pepper-lime chicken and grilled chicken fajitas.

It’s always a thrill to take a bite of that first grilled burger of the season. BHG.com features hamburger grilling recipes that include classic burgers and more elaborate burgers such as black bean chipotle burgers and pan-seared port burgers with peppers and mushrooms. To accompany the burger, there are grilled-vegetable recipes, too. BHG.com contains photos of tempting grilled vegetables, such as grilled red onion and corn salad, grilled tomato melts, grilled eggplant and other veggies.

Outdoor cooks are invited to ask questions, swap advice, and share grilling information with members of the Better Homes and Gardens community on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/mybhg.

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