July 25, 2005

Stars ‘Suffering’ for video game sequel

By John Gaudiosi

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Michael Clarke Duncan
will star as the villainous Blackmore and Rachel Griffiths will
lend her voice to Jordan in Midway Games' video game horror
sequel "The Suffering: Ties That Bind."

Special effects wizard Stan Winston created the outlandish
and terrifying creatures in "The Suffering," which was set in a
prison on Carnate Island. The sequel takes the action to the
gritty streets of Baltimore, where players once again control
Torque, the death row inmate antihero of the first game. The
game ships in September for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC.

"'The Suffering' has so much depending on the performances
of the entire voice cast that we just felt we could really
improve the game by elevating the expectations on the
performance of the voice talent," said Steve Allison, Midway's
chief marketing officer.

While this is Griffith's first video game, Duncan has been
very active in the space, previously working on original games
like Atari's "Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone," Sony's "SOCOM II:
U.S. Navy SEALs," Activision's "Soldier of Fortune" and
Interplay's "Star Trek: Klingon Academy."

Duncan's feature credits include "The Green Mile" and "The
Island," while Griffith stars in HBO's "Six Feet Under."

Allison said that it's not just about game play any more,
but delivering a complete package -- one that includes
recognizable names and talent from Hollywood.

Midway also cast an assortment of Hollywood and hip-hop
talent for its upcoming arcade racing game "LA Rush," which is
set for an October release. Bill Bellamy, Orlando Jones and
rapper Twista headline the cast.

The racing game also includes 75 songs from 25 artists,
including Lil' Kim, DJ Rap, Twista and Damian Valentine.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter