Batting Practice Without the Ball?

April 20, 2010

FORT WORTH, Texas, April 20 /PRNewswire/ — Inventor Rick Miller believes he has found the secret to the perfect baseball swing.

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His training tool, the RBI Pro Swing, is the first device of its kind to provide instant audio feedback as a player swings the bat. The device features four separate chambers filled with steel shot and a throttle valve at the top end of the opening. It fits snugly over any baseball or softball bat, and is the ideal training tool for players of all ages and skill levels.

Miller’s design delivers two signature sounds as the steel shot moves through the chambers and helps players instantly recognize the inside swing path to the ball. A quick ‘swish’ accompanies the compact inside swing path while a long ‘swoosh’ sound indicates a loss of power and the incorrect swing.

“Practice makes perfect, but only if you are practicing the correct swing. When players of any age use the RBI Pro Swing it’s easy for them to ‘hear’ the right swing,” says Miller, whose training tool is being used by former Major League Baseball players including Rusty Greer, Luiz Ortiz, and Yankees hitting coach, Kevin Long, as well as coaches, instructors and youth sports teams nationwide.

As Miller watched his own son struggle to improve his swing and make contact with the baseball, he had a ‘eureka’ moment and realized that immediate, audio feedback could be the help his son needed. And he was right.

As Miller refined the RBI Pro Swing, he felt that in order to illustrate the use of quick hands, it was necessary to demonstrate an audible reaction for a player’s swing.

Miller explains, “A good, compact inside swing transfers all your energy at the exact point of impact. I realized that the precise ‘swish’ sound of the shot traveling through the chamber not only demonstrated the transfer of energy but the transfer of that energy at the right moment … hence, the perfect swing.”

Miller patented the RBI Pro Swing in 2007 and it has been quickly adopted by coaches all over the country, including nine Major League Baseball teams.

Texas Rangers Hall of Famer and .305 career hitter, Greer uses the tool to teach rising players how to achieve a fast, compact swing and get the ‘quick hands’ they need for great hitting.

“With its dual purpose of a swing trainer and on deck weight, there is no better tool for getting loose in the on deck circle while you continue to train yourself just before stepping into the batter’s box. If you want immediate feedback on your swing path, the RBI Pro Swing is the best tool I have used,” Greer explains.

Greer also worked with RBI Pro Swing to provide RBI Pro Swing users with three easy-to-use hitting drills which are being used by players all over the country.

Miller says the company is growing faster than he anticipated and his product has received wide acclaim and testimonials from coaches around the country. Says Miller, “We are just taking it one swing at a time.”

About RBI Pro Swing and MSports LLC

RBI Pro Swing is the invention of Rick Miller, the president of MSports LLC. The RBI Pro Swing is available in three weights: 9 oz. for ages 7 to 12; 12 oz. for ages 13 to 15 and 16 oz. for ages 16 and up. The RBI Pro Swing retails for $29.95.

The product is available for sale at www.baseballexpress.com as well as major sporting goods retailers including Hibbett Sports, Olympia Sports, Dunham’s Sports, as well as independent retailers nationwide.

MSports LLC is based in Fort Worth, Texas. For more information visit: www.rbiproswing.com

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