The New Hitlantis is Breaking Records

April 29, 2010

DUBLIN, April 29, 2010 /PRNewswire/ –

– The World’s Most Innovative User Interface Revolutionising the World of
Internet Music

Hitlantis.com, also aptly dubbed the Spotify of indie music, is breaking
records. The most innovative user interface in the world is revolutionizing
the world of music on the internet. Hitlantis is bringing so-far unknown
music to the awareness of the general public and the limelight.

Hitlantis.com is an online service on which all musicians and artists who
own the rights to their own music can upload their music for free. Bands find
new fans on Hitlantis and can win gigs in their own towns or at Europe’s
biggest festivals.

The new service has already been ranked as one of the 25 most interesting
new companies in Finland.

“We are of course highly taken by the fact that Finland, a pioneer in
information technology, sees the potential in our company,” observes a
jubilant Managing Director Marcus Tilgmann.

He notes that the bulk of the attention gained by the company comes from
the graphical implementation of the user interface, which is revolutionising
the world of music on the internet.

“Hitlantis is also able to offer a quite new approach and solution to the
crisis facing the music business,” Tilgmann says.

Hitlantis goes deeper

Hitlantis went through music services in which there are an enormous
amount of bands and music.

“Finding music was nonetheless problematic, if and when you do not know
what you are looking for. On Hitlantis, you can see at once which band is on
the way up and which is on the way down,” Tilgmann explains.

Hitlantis is not only a music service but also a game and a competition.
Service users can download a new band’s songs for free, say, but by paying
for them they help their favourite move up at the same time.

“Everyone talks about mainstream music, but few people have seen deeper,
all the music which is not yet available to everyone. Hitlantis makes this
possible in an easy and new way,” Tilgmann says.

The service already now offers music from 21 different countries and
music styles to suit all tastes. Hitlantis.com aims already in its first year
of operation to get 125,000 bands on its service.

Hitlantis is a new international music community opened at the beginning
of 2010. The service unites music makers and consumers not only in the
virtual world but also in real life by giving users an opportunity, for
example, to vote their favourites for live gigs. Hitlantis’ objective is get
125,000 bands and a million users for its site by the end of 2010. The
user-friendly online music store Hitlantis passes on to bands as much as 90
per cent of the revenue from music sold.

SOURCE HItlantis.com

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