ALFA Calls on TV Show to Fight Ageism

May 5, 2010

ALEXANDRIA, Va., May 5 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — A leading senior living organization is calling upon the producers of NBC’s Saturday Night Live to use comedian Betty White’s upcoming appearance to combat hurtful stereotypes about the elderly.

The Assisted Living Federation of America (www.alfa.org), the nation’s leading association for assisted living providers, asked SNL producer Lorne Michaels to fight ageism and negative stereotypical portrayals of the very old in next Saturday’s show which will be hosted by the popular and beloved 88-year-old comic actress.

Richard Grimes, the president and CEO of ALFA, asked Michaels to use the show’s influence as an arbiter of popular culture to show that seniors are as bright, engaged and able as Betty White.

“The fastest growing demographic are those over 85 years old with most as vibrant and active as Betty White,” wrote Grimes in a letter. “Yet, these seniors are often portrayed as useless and witless by the mainstream media thus serving to perpetuate ageism in America–an ‘ism’ that robs seniors of choice, dignity, independence and quality of life.”

“Over the years, your cadre of brilliant comic writers have helped shape the popular culture and attitudes about other ‘isms’ in America. What a great opportunity for your current team to help re-shape attitudes towards elderly seniors–and in doing so–contribute to overcoming ageism in America,” he wrote.

The assisted living industry is built upon a philosophy of care which believes that every senior citizen deserves the right to live with independence, dignity, privacy and choice regardless of frailty and impairment. Assisted living communities provide assistance in the activities of daily life which allow seniors to retain control over their lives and age in place. ALFA advocates for informed choice, quality care and accessibility for all Americans needing long term care and fights restrictive policies which take away choice from seniors and their families.

For the full letter and more information on assisted living go to www.alfa.org.

SOURCE Assisted Living Federation of America

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