May 12, 2010

NEW YORK, May 12 /PRNewswire/ — Astrobabble Productions LLC has announced the premiere of a limited two-day engagement of MONEY, SEX, POWER: WHAT’S YOUR KARMA?® – New York City’s only LIVE Psychic show debuting on Saturday, May 15th and Saturday, June 5th from 7:15pm – 8:30pm at DCTV Media Arts Center headquartered in downtown Manhattan at 87 Lafayette Street. Webisodes from the .TV series of WHAT’S YOUR KARMA?® can be viewed at the company’s interactive website www.WhatsYourKarma.tv.

Hosted by Clairvoyant, Lilith Dove, the original one-woman show, MONEY, SEX, POWER: WHAT’S YOUR KARMA?® is a compelling and light-hearted look at everyday people, with everyday problems and the choices they make. Ms. Dove’s unique show-stopping ability to “read” fifteen plus audience members anonymously in a rapid-fire style, takes them on a jaw-dropping rollercoaster ride; no need for past life regressions, no second-guessing, and no questions asked, just touch a card.

Lilith Dove has helped and guided countless individuals including such reality stars as Tyson Beckford, Heidi Klum, Bethenny Frankel, “Miss J.” Alexander, stylist Robert Verdi, and this season’s Model City cast on B.E.T. “It’s a blast from the past,” says FOX 5 News. The Village Voice states, “a young, sexy, chic woman with a sense of style; unlike her TV counterparts, Lilith Dove may thus delight the material eye, as well as the psychic one.”

The public is already enamored with life after death and talking to the dead. This is the next step in the paranormal trend.

About Lilith Dove

Clairvoyant, Lilith Dove grew up in Essex, England and realized as a result of her paranormal experiences, she was inherently born with a special gift. Her clientele includes many from the entertainment, fashion, and business industries, looking for guidance in their professional and personal lives. In 2003, Lilith formed partnership with Michael Johnson, Savio Clemente, and Marigrace Hobbs to create Astrobabble Productions LLC, a New York City based company dedicated and focused on developing and producing paranormal / spiritual lifestyle programming, ancillary merchandise, products and services. With her partners, Lilith plans to bring the concept of karma and past lives to the public in a practical format that everyone can learn from and enjoy.

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