Pleiades Star Crescent Necklace 1 B.C.- 2 A.D. Signifies Great Discoveries, Holy Symbol of Islam/Pleiades Star Cluster for Sale by Tamoikin’s Museum

May 13, 2010

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, May 13 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, very rare 1 BC – 2 AD Gold artifacts, symbolically named as “The Pleiades Star Crescent Necklace & Amulet” became internationally available for acquisition on KingsNecklace.com.

What is unusually rare about these artifacts is that the ancient pair represents the most Holy Symbol of ISLAM – The Crescent Moon and The Star and The Pleiades Star Cluster.

Although The Crescent and Star symbol is much older than Islam itself, the appearance of it on ancient gold jewelry is very rare. The Necklace and Amulet is one of the earliest representations of this religious symbol in the form of ancient gold artwork with no analog known to exist.

This artifacts’ scientific name, “The Persian-Sarmatian Tribal King’s Ritual Gold Pectoral Necklace & Amulet”, provides the insight into the great historical and archaeological importance of these two items.

Discoveries do not end here. The Necklace by itself is attributed to “The Pleiades Star Cluster”, a group of Seven Stars in the constellation of Taurus that were well known celestial and mythological sights throughout antiquity.

Scientists also were able to discover an ancient technology that was hidden within the Necklace that no one knew existed at that time.

The complete attribution is available on KingNecklace.com where these artifacts are disclosed in their entirety, which is something the world community rarely gets to see outside museum walls.

The universe of ancient art and antiquity is a field of study and interest that has for many generations elicited huge excitement and a thrill for adventurers, treasure hunters and collectors alike.

Most great museums on the local, national and international levels all gather these unique and priceless treasures from the ancient world. This spans many civilizations that have graced our colorful common human history from all corners of the Earth.

To see a video featuring the Pleiades Star Crescent Necklace, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8l7wg7MYkEY. To see a related vide


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