Suffering from Phrasebook Sore-Thumb Syndrome? Two New Phrasebooks from Rodnik Publishing Bring Quick Relief

May 31, 2010

SEATTLE, May 31 /PRNewswire/ — If you’ve ever used one of the leading foreign-language phrasebooks as you traveled abroad, you know how challenging and frustrating it can be to find things in them. Invariably, the problem is that they have their phrases arranged in 12-20 categories. A big hobble for such simple deployment is that life and its multitude of situations don’t fit neatly into 20 categories. For instance, in which category would one find “What’s your telephone number?” or “Could you help me with this?”

Rodnik phrasebooks overcome this quandary by grouping terms and phrases under the key words that they contain, and the key words are listed in alphabetical order, as in a dictionary. Got a phrase in mind? Go to its main word and chances are good that you’ll find it there. No blisters on your thumbs from flipping pages, searching (often in vain) through broad categories for the phrase you want.

Not only are Rodnik phrasebooks quicker and easier to use, they provide the user with at least twice as many phrases as any other phrasebook. A comparison with four leading phrasebooks yielded the result of six times as many phrases as three of them and 2.2 times as many as the fourth.

    The two new phrasebooks are:
    "French Phrasebook for Tourism, Friendship & Fun" by Matt Herman, et
     al. 552 pp.
    EAN 9781929482207. Price: $10.95
    "Spanish Phrasebook for Tourism, Friendship & Fun in Spain" by
     Alejandra De la Maria. 400 pp.
    EAN 9781929482085. Price: $9.95.

Both books are available either from the publisher’s website, www.phrase-books.com, or from online booksellers. Orders can also be mailed to Rodnik, PO Box 46956, Seattle, WA 98146.

Rodnik Publishing Company specializes in foreign-language dictionaries, phrasebooks and language-learning materials. We also provide a free daily language email service, Daily Dose, in French, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

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