AVP GOLD Beach Volleyball, Launched Today, Offers Authentic Competition for Serious Gamers and Die-Hard Sport Fans

June 2, 2010

HOUSTON, June 2 /PRNewswire/ — Want the close-up action and excitement of pro beach volleyball with access to the gold medal players? Released today, AVP GOLD Beach Volleyball delivers a realistic and fun game — right into the hands of serious and casual gamers as well as die-hard volleyball fans. Developed by Soarion Studios, a third-party software development company, this new mobile game is the only official AVP pro beach volleyball game for the iPhone.

Offering an impressive number of game options and exclusive AVP content, this exhilarating game gives players the opportunity to compete as or against pro beach volleyball’s American Olympic gold medalists in a choice of four of the world’s most beautiful beach settings. The action-packed AVP GOLD Beach Volleyball game is now available for download through iPhone’s App Store or at Apple’s iTunes Store for $3.99.

“The AVP is proud and excited to partner with Soarion Studios and our four gold medalists, Misty May-Treanor, Kerri Walsh, Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser, to produce the AVP GOLD Beach Volleyball iPhone app,” said Canyon Ceman, AVP vice president. “This exciting game will make the sport of pro beach volleyball, our AVP brand, and our elite athletes more current and relevant in the minds of our passionate core fans, and it will bridge the gap to the young and growing gaming generation.”

Jam-packed with tons of addictive features and game play, AVP GOLD Beach Volleyball promises to energize gamers and keep them entertained. RAH! Amazingly realistic sound effects let the player experience the exhilaration of the crowds going crazy. Motion Capture (MoCap) technology lets the player set, block, spike or lob over the attacking opponent with a full 3-D environment that allows cameras to catch every angle. BOOM! A perfectly hit spike shakes the camera. While beginners may choose to play in “regulation” mode, allowing them to choose their opponent’s skill level and total game points, more experienced gamers can try to beat the clock in “time attack” mode which increases the challenge and takes AVP GOLD Beach Volleyball to a whole new level.

“We believe that AVP GOLD Beach Volleyball captures the true spirit of the sport,” said Judi McGee, president of Soarion Studios. “Because our developers are serious gamers, we also incorporated the latest in gaming technology, making it our most exciting, challenging and innovative gaming experience to date.”

The exciting partnership with the AVP allowed Soarion Studios to build a complete pro beach volleyball experience where fans and gamers alike can view unique content, including AVP information, its history and the 2010 event schedule. In addition, exclusive videos let players get up close and personal with each of the game’s featured Olympic gold medalists.

“With so many options and features, players can create a different game almost every time,” added McGee. “We believe it’s a game everyone will play over and over.”

To purchase AVP GOLD Beach Volleyball, visit Apple’s iTunes Store.

About Soarion Studios

Texas-based Soarion Studios, LLC, is an independent game development company operated by well- known industry experts who have created major titles in video games. With offices in Houston and Dallas, Soarion Studios develops and produces Advergames, MMOG and iPhone games. For more information about Soarion Studios, visit www.soarionstudios.com or email press@soarionstudios.com.

About AVP

AVP, Inc. is a leading lifestyle sports entertainment company focused on the production, marketing and distribution of professional beach volleyball events worldwide. The AVP NIVEA Tour is set to stage 12 events throughout the United States in 2010 featuring more than 150 of the top male and female competitors in the sport. AVP athletes won both the women’s and men’s gold medals at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, marking the first gold medal sweep by a single country in the history of Olympic Beach Volleyball. AVP is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For more information, please visit www.avp.com.

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