New Science-Based Novel ‘The Strain Ten Corollary’ Delivers Controversial Message About Justice and Immigration in Arizona

June 3, 2010

NEW RIVER, Ariz., June 3 /PRNewswire/ — “It’s nice to be a prophet,” chuckled author James Frayne. Although he completed his new novel long before the controversy over Arizona’s immigration law, The Strain Ten Corollary (https://www.createspace.com/3412445) deals with fallout from frustration with the system’s inability to protect Arizona’s borders from illegal immigrants.

In The Strain Ten Corollary (CreateSpace, April 2010, $15.99), the antagonist Abel Townsend is a millionaire biotech genius who takes matters into his own hands. Townsend’s plan is to create a Palestinian homeland on Arizona’s southern border as a barrier against the influx of illegal immigrants and use a strain of parasites he has nearly perfected to not only control specified human behavior but also secure support for the creation of this new homeland … and he will stop at nothing to achieve his dream.

In opposition to Townsend is Kellie Crowkiller, an Arizona-based FBI agent on the Special Drug Interdiction Force. She first stumbles onto Townsend’s plot when she finds the headless and handless corpses of four Mexican drug runners strewn across an arroyo in the Sonoran desert. But it is not until later that she truly becomes aware of the long-term and international ramifications of her discovery.

“I like to be entertained and I like to be educated as well, and that’s what this book does,” said Frayne. “This is my second book, and both contain elements of science. I like that what I write about can actually happen. My current novel offers a study of how one might achieve justice through unconventional and ominous means.”

The Strain Ten Corollary makes readers think and speculate right up to the surprising finale. How does Townsend’s research influence an international political conundrum? Will his behavior-altering parasites truly create a safer border for the United States? Can he guarantee a beleaguered population a safe home and increase safety along the Mexican border?

“When I buy a book, I know it’s a good book when it feels like a meal; I just savor it,” said Frayne. “There are different layers in this book. While some may not like the point of view, for anyone looking for an exciting story, this is the book to read.”

Author Bio

James Frayne taught high school biology, anatomy, and physiology to Navy corpsmen during the Vietnam War as well as leadership and management courses to nurses of more than 20 nationalities while living in Saudi Arabia. He wrote a screenplay based on his first novel, “Vitamin Wow,” as well as three feature-length scripts and one short screenplay. Frayne has been published in many newspapers, newsletters, and magazines. He resides with three terriers on several acres outside Phoenix, Arizona, in the Sonoran Desert.

    About the Book:
    The Strain Ten Corollary
    By James Frayne
    Published by CreateSpace
    Release: April 2010
    (ISBN 10) 1449915787
    (ISBN 13) 978-1449915780
    Price: $15.99


    Jim Walkington

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