Bigpoint, Syfy And NBC Universal To Debut Battlestar Galactica Online Tech Demo At E3 Expo

June 14, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO, June 14, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — The global market leader in
browser-based massively multiplayer online games (MMOG), Bigpoint,
(http://www.bigpoint.com/) will be demonstrating the first technical demo of
Battlestar Galactica Online at E3 Expo in Los Angeles. A tactical space
combat and adventure MMOG based upon Syfy’s Battlestar Galactica series,
Battlestar Galactica Online ( http://www.bgo.bigpoint.com) will be shown by
appointment only in the West Hall, booth 4336.

The demo will highlight the Unity engine technology that will drive
Battlestar Galactica Online game experience and demonstrate how the game’s
browser-based platform will reach the huge global audience already playing
browser-based MMOGs on Bigpoint.com and through Bigpoint’s many popular
distribution partners.

“We are very excited to demonstrate to our friends in the media attending
E3 Expo that Bigpoint and our partners at NBCU and Syfy are intent on
creating a compelling gameplay experience that is available to anyone with a
browser worldwide without a huge download,” explains Heiko Hubertz, CEO and
founder of Bigpoint. “Battlestar Galactica Online will be an accessible,
story-driven experience that will be executed to the highest level of quality
for the browser-based platform. It’s our most ambitious project ever and we
want fans of the show to know that we are committed to delivering.”

The debut trailer for Battlestar Galactica Online is now available on the
official E3 Expo virtual press room and the official BGO Youtube channel

Battlestar Galactica Online is licensed through Universal Partnerships &
Licensing, on behalf of the NBC Universal Television Consumer Products Group.

About Battlestar Galactica Online

Players will be able to choose to play as cylons or humans in a constant
struggle to control the universe or just survive its perils. A blend of
tactical space combat, exploration, and mission-based gameplay will provide a
diverse experience. The dramatic missions will define the game’s overall
storyline, enabling the player to delve into mysteries of the Battlestar
universe. Battlestar Galactica Online will create a new standard for web
games, with beautiful 3D graphics and innovative game mechanics bringing a
new level of game play to browser based MMOG. Assets from the television
production will be integrated into the game to deliver an even more authentic
experience. For more information on the game please visit -

The game is being developed by Artplant (http://artplant.no), a Norwegian
development studio specializing in 3D MMO games.

    About the companies involved:


    Bigpoint GmbH
    Janine Griffel
    Head of PR
    Tel.: +49-(0)40-881413-163
    Fax: +49-(0)40-881413-7163
    E-mail: j.griffel@bigpoint.net

    Erik Reynolds
    PR Consultant on behalf of Bigpoint
    Tel. +1(310)-717-7727
    E-mail: e.reynolds@bigpoint.net

SOURCE Bigpoint GmbH

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