Groupable Names Most Influential BBQ Groups in Honor of Father’s Day

June 17, 2010

NEW YORK, June 17 /PRNewswire/ — Groupable, a leading social media platform that enables brand advertisers to connect with targeted communities, today announced its list of the most active and influential dad-related groups. This year’s list focuses on groups involved with one of the most traditional Father’s Day activities – the backyard barbecue. Its Top 10 list ranks BBQ groups who are among the most engaged within their socio-demographic target and who have the greatest potential to influence buying decisions.

Based on a proprietary Groupability Index (GI), influence ratings take into account Groupable’s sponsorship activity data as well as activity from a variety of social media data points including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Klout Score, blogs, and podcasts. The index rating is calculated based upon aggregate scores in the following categories: authenticity, engagement and relevance.

According to Nate Brochin, Groupable CEO, “Barbecues and dads go hand-in-hand on Father’s Day. The barbecue is one of the oldest cooking methods known to man. It’s a primal, social and unifying experience, and it smells good, too. Dads who are part of these groups are passionate and influential about the art and enjoyment of this activity. These are the types of groups brands like to reach. Brands can use Groupable’s ratings as a filter to find groups that will be both responsive to marketing initiatives as well as influential in spreading the word of these brand experiences.”

The following are Groupable’s Top 10 list of the most socially influential dad-related BBQ groups*:

    Rank Group Name    Score (GI)   Updates/wk   Followers   Engagement
    1    BBQ Pit Boys            87          1.6         987 High
    2    Burger Doctor           78         19.9       10416 Average
    3    BBQ Addicts             68         22.9        2399 Average
    4    Hucks Hut               67          1.9          61 Very High
    5    BBQ Junkie              55          2.7         185 High
          White Trash
    6     BBQ                    55          5.0         547 High
    7    BBQ Grail               53          5.0        1490 Average
          Hot Sauce
    8     Daily                  53          9.3        1061 Average
    9    Grill God               51         24.4        3815 Very High
    10   Eat More Heat           50         12.5        1329 Average
    *Representative data points for the GI formula

Brochin notes that a group’s collective influence and ability to spread a message can reach a much wider audience as compared to that of an individual. “It’s about knowing which groups to engage with so as to maximize word-of-mouth equity,” Brochin says. “The Groupability Index provides marketers with a single reference point that captures a group’s ultimate influence potential.”

For more Top Influential dad-related groups, go to http://influence.groupable.com/dads.

About Groupable

Groupable (http://groupable.com) is a social media platform where advertisers and social groups are paired to form mutually beneficial relationships. Groupable helps sponsors identify influencers who are eager to engage and provide feedback. Social groups have the opportunity to obtain sponsorship support to further their cause and add enjoyment to group activities. Groupable provides tools to manage, monitor and compare conversations happening on the Groupable platform with conversations in the social web, enabling direct feedback as control groups to use as research for broader marketing initiatives.


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