American/Chinese Artist Eva Zhou Creates New Concept Oil Paintings Commemorating One-Year Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Death

June 21, 2010

SHANGHAI, June 21 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — American/Chinese Artist Eva Zhou
has recently created a tribute-themed series of oil paintings in honor of the
King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The pieces have already been received and
acclaimed by people in the American Art, Music and Business industries. On the
one year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, June 25, Eva Zhou’s new
MJ-themed series of oil paintings, titled “Music Cola,” will debut on the
world’s largest Thomson Reuters screen in Times Square New York.

(Photo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20100621/CNM003 )

(Photo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20100621/CNM003 )

The Hosane 2010 Spring Auction (Contemporary Art & Oil Painting &
Sculpture), to be held at the Shanghai Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel from June
22nd to June 27th, 2010
in Shanghai, China, will feature several of Eva’s oil
painting artworks. If you want to see more of her art, please visit
http://www.hosane.com .

Eva Zhou’s paintings use brush strokes to explain and express the undying
legacy and history of popular music superstars like Michael Jackson, Elvis
, etc., revealing a representation of the stars’ uniqueness throughout
past periods’ ideology, experience and style. The portrait of each star in
these paintings is an original collage that combines elements from the star’s
music and their originality that creates true to life forms of the stars
themselves. The elements of the painting that Mrs. Zhou has used skillfully
creates a perfect blend of the real and the abstract, expressing the
enthusiasm in her technique for all to see, giving viewers an intense,
impacting visual experience. Yet the most miraculous aspect of her works are
the usage of realistic metallic elements that allow people to see different
things in the paintings and receive different visual experiences under
different light, which changes with the angle at which the viewer is viewing
each piece. As a result of the persisting reflective effect the paintings’
luster creates and intensely moving and simulated 3D experience.

Extremely fond of art and music since childhood, Eva Zhou, while studying
the classics as well as paying attention to contemporary art, immersed herself
in ways to transcend the shackles of time through her art, regardless if it
was painting or music. Stemming from the great American artist Andy Warhol’s respect and remembrance for the 1960′s, Eva’s work uses foods and beverages
from different periods as its foundation, pairing portraits of different
places and people of that time, using flowing back lines to highlight the
characteristics of the subjects and adding brilliant colors to make her
painting that much more moving, continuing an Andy Warhol like classic
artistic feel, yet integrating imaginative and creative elements from her
subjects to round out a complete work of art that presents a memory of the
past in a modern organic artistic style. She wanted to use these star
characters combined with the subjects of canned goods to give people a taste
of flavorful artistic elegance, which contains an unlimited source of passion
cola! Eva’s works’ most meticulously refined part would be her ability to
convey a certain sensitivity within the rough texture of her paintings,
allowing you to see her talent in this medium which is rarely seen in the
current sphere of contemporary art.

She hopes her art work is able to contribute to the culture of humanity
and is passed on. She wants to use her paintings of these past musical,
theatrical, political, economic and athletic figures from all areas of life to
allow the people of tomorrow to forever remember these great historical
figures, to understand them, to appreciate and respect them and to study them.
This is precisely Eva’s original aspiration for her “Tribute” series of
paintings; she wanted to complete this immensely important and meaningful task,
contributing to the collective storehouse of treasures by adding one more
stroke for humanity. This is her largest dream in life; it is her one and only
goal. She is tirelessly working towards never giving up.

About Eva Zhou

Eva Zhou is a well-known Chinese/American painter, devoting her focus to
the creation of contemporary art. She was born in Shanghai, China, and at the
age of 5 began to study painting under the Chinese cartoon master LePing Zhang.
At the age of 15 Eva Zhou successfully tested and was accepted to Shanghai’s HuaShan Fine Arts College, and in 1994, at the age of 16, she immigrated to
the United States, living in California. She entered Southern California Fine
Arts University, receiving scholarships to study in their oil painting and
computer design departments and graduated with a double major in fine arts. In
2003 Eva received her Masters of Fine Arts Degree from California State
University of Long Beach

When initially arriving in the USA Eva received the California PTA
education group’s subject achievement award for her “Please open your eyes and
see…” themed work and also received a scholarship. In 1996 her artistic
filled portrait (PAUL) stirred up much attraction, and was honored by Disney
as their “Most Elegant Creation Award.” In the same year, this painting
received the California Laguna Beach Art Festival’s first prize. In 1997 her
work titled (HOMETOWN) received the California’s Ministry of Education’s award
for excellence and still hangs in the halls of the California’s Ministry of
Education today. In 1998 Eva was chosen by her college to be sent to Italy to
study oil painting and art history and in 1999 she was chosen by the Laguna
local government to paint a mural on one of the city’s walls for public
admiration. From 1999-2008 she was recognized as one of Orange County’s primer
fine arts teachers and had many students receive prizes for their works
throughout those years.

In 2000, at the turn of the millennium, Eva received the New York
Illustration Association’s silver medal. In 2002 she was invited to paint the
inventor of the bikini. In 2003 she successfully displayed her exhibit “Famous
Faces” at California State University, Long Beach, where she was recognized as
America’s most creative young artist. Again Eva Zhou was recognized by the
California government as 2008′s Honorary Teacher of the Year. In December of
2008 Eva returned to Shanghai’s Original Song Gallery’s “Innocent Story-Three
of the World’s Fairy Tales” exhibition, receiving the support and praise of
Chinese peers.

    For further information, please contact:

     Eva Zhou
     Email:  evaleryeva@gmail.com
     Phone:  +1-714-855-1105 (in U.S., after Oct, 2010)
     Mobile: +86-13641734288 (in Shanghai, China until Oct, 2010)
     Web:    http://evalery.blog.sohu.com



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