13th Annual Wacky Warning Labels(TM) Contest Winners Selected on National Television

July 12, 2010

Grand Prize Winner – “Drive ‘N’ Talk Speakerphone – Not for use while driving!”

Video and Photos Available at www.wackywarninglabelstv.com

NEW YORK, July 12 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The winners are in – and the list is crazier than ever! The 13th annual Wacky Warning Labels(TM) Contest, which reaches tens of millions of Americans each year, entertains and alarms the nation about the lawsuit-happy culture and the lengths to which companies must go to avoid lawsuits. Here are the winners, as selected by the studio audience for “Stossel” on FOX Business Network, which first aired on July 8:

  • This year’s Grand Prize Winner is “Never operate your speakerphone while driving,” a warning attached to the Jabra “Drive ‘N’ Talk” speakerphone for use with a mobile cell phone. The label was submitted by Courtney Pike of Bay City, Michigan, who wins the $1000 grand prize and a copy of Wacky Warning Labels(TM) Contest host Bob Dorigo Jones’ bestselling book, Remove Child Before Folding: 101 Stupidest, Silliest and Wackiest Warning Labels Ever. As Bob says in his short news video (www.wackywarninglabelstv.com), “That’s why we bought the thing!”
  • The Second Prize Winner is “This product moves when used,” a warning attached to a Razor motorized go-cart.
  • The Third Prize Winner is Use of a headset that covers both ears will impair your ability to hear other sounds,” a warning on the Plantronics Bluetooth full headset.

“Once a year, millions of people around the world get a collective laugh from our winners,” said Bob Dorigo Jones. “The truth is, this is no laughing matter. In fact, every family of four in America pays a ‘litigation tax’ of more than $9,000 a year on products and services we buy.”

Bob is Senior Fellow at Foundation for Fair Civil Justice, one of the nation’s leading legal reform and free enterprise organizations (www.foundationforfairciviljustice.org). Bob hosts a weekly radio commentary, “Let’s Be Fair!” that demonstrates the impact of lawsuit abuse on American families and communities. The radio commentaries are heard on 20 radio stations and are available on www.dailycaller.com, one of the nation’s leading newssites. Bob also hosts a blog on which he expands on the stories from “Let’s Be Fair!” and other free enterprise issues (www.bobdorigojones.com).

SOURCE Foundation for Fair Civil Justice

Source: newswire

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