Investigating the Truth of God and the Reality of Humanity

July 14, 2010

WINDHOEK, Namibia, July 14 /PRNewswire/ — In her illuminating new two-part novel “Jeshua: A Lifelong Search for Enlightenment: Volume One” (published by iUniverse), debut author MoonPony follows one boy’s destiny after he is born from a virgin through the Holy Spirit 2,000 years ago and begins a quest for enlightenment that will teach the people the truth – with the hope that the truth will finally set them free.

When a being from the higher plane of existence named Immanuel chooses to become a part of Jeshua, like a soul that resides inside him, after his birth in 6 BC, the priests in the area quickly become threatened by the rumors of his birth and urge the king to turn against him, causing the family to flee to Egypt. Over the following 12 years, Jeshua becomes the oldest brother of two, and at the age of twelve, he travels to Jerusalem for the annual Passover Festival, where he befriends Ravanna, the Royal Prince of Orissa, who is astounded by the boy’s understanding of God that resides within him.

Jeshua soon embarks on a journey to India with Ravanna, who has him study in the monasteries and academies of India. After six years, Jeshua moves to the various monasteries of Tibet and eventually returns to Nazareth as a man. His wisdom, however, is reputed with skepticism, ridicule and even violence, though he does find some acceptance with Mary, called Magdalene, a divorced woman who was rejected from society because of her inability to bear children. After an enduring love grows between them, Jeshua heads into the desert and finally reaches spiritual enlightenment.

Still fearful of the religious powers, Jeshua flees with Magdalene. Over seven peaceful years in Capernaum, he shares his knowledge with pupils in secluded areas, never announcing his classes or private life. He becomes a father of two sons and invites a homeless girl into his home. At 25, he begins to talk publicly, travel and perform miracles. However, tension then grows amongst religious leaders. Before he turns 29 years old, Jeshua takes in the famous twelve disciples, the last of his pupils. Only then does he discover the important role Judas Iscariot is yet to play in his grand story.

Investigate the truth of God and the reality of human origin (and future) with Jeshua, a boy turned man turned spiritual teacher whose passion for divine knowledge inspires all who listen to him preach. Watch as he sets aside his fears and finds earthly balance in MoonPony’s engaging and enlightening “Jeshua.” Continue to follow Jeshua on his journey in Volume Two.

About the Author

Born and raised in South Africa, MoonPony eventually moved to Windhoek, Namibia. Once she finished high school, she started penning fantasy books before a spiritual experience led her to write and teach spiritual matters. In 2006, she went to the tracker school in the U.S. for five months. Survival skills then became one of her passions, and a year later, she began running children programs on wilderness awareness and survival in Namibia. After she began to teach, she quickly realized that her goal was not to achieve conventional success but to instead leave the world a better place – both spiritually and physically. In addition to “Jeshua,” MoonPony is also the author of “Speaking with Christ: Simplicity,” “Speaking with Christ: Truths” and “G.A.T. University (Guardian Angel Training).” Readers and media professionals can visit moonponybooks.com for more information about MoonPony and her publications.

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