Stop Losing Money to Inflation, Start Making it Work for You!: New Nonfiction Shares Details of Lucrative I-Commerce Business Plan

July 14, 2010

NEWBURY PARK, Calif., July 14 /PRNewswire/ — Do you try to save money with little success? Are you truly getting ahead financially, or do you find yourself treading water? Raymond Kallaher, Jr. has an important message for you: “You can’t save your way to financial freedom! Inflation & taxes will eat you alive!” In his revelatory new book “Planning for Success in Today’s Changing Economy!” (published by iUniverse), he provides a revolutionary new business model for getting back on track to financial freedom and making the most out of each cent.

Accessible and to-the-point, Kallaher, in just over 80 pages, discusses myriad aspects of the current economy and why the traditional model of saving just doesn’t work. He first seeks to answer the question “What is an economy?”, giving an overview of today’s economic climate, the real costs of raising a family and saving for retirement and inflation and the time value of money.

“Planning for Success in Today’s Changing Economy!” then delves into strategies for seizing financial opportunities as Kallaher urges readers to start seeing making money in a new light. He shares his experiences in the I-Commerce industry, an independent means of distributing products to the marketplace. He writes:

What about a business model that you can literally operate out of your hip pocket at any time and in any place you choose either part time or full time … a business that you can build at your own pace while integrating it into your normal daily life with the accompanying tax advantages and income generating power … a business that you take along with you whether going to the supermarket, taking the kids to soccer or vacationing in exotic places? This is real freedom and the very features that the I-Commerce business model offers … the business of YOU! YOU are the business, and the business is YOU … a business without walls connected to the Internet … the ultimate in operational freedom!

As experts conjecture that 90 percent of new products available in the marketplace in 2050 haven’t even been invented yet, I-Commerce opportunities are guaranteed to flourish in coming years. “Income is limited only by competitive spirit and a willingness to grow and develop business and leadership skills.” Discover how you, too, can start “Planning for Success in Today’s Changing Economy!”

About the Author

Raymond Kallaher, Jr. is an esteemed engineer, scientist and business manager in the high-tech defense industry and has made significant contributions to some of the most successful, scientifically advanced technology development programs. When he and his wife established an I-Commerce partnership, a whole new exciting future awaited them. Kallaher and his wife have four children and two grandchildren, with two more on the way, and currently reside in Southern California. “Planning for Success in Today’s Changing Economy!” is his first published book.

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