Alamo Drafthouse and the Levi’s® brand Announce ‘We Are All Workers’ – the 2010 Rolling Roadshow Tour

July 14, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO and AUSTIN, Texas, July 14 /PRNewswire/ — The Alamo Drafthouse and the Levi’s® brand present the 2010 Rolling Roadshow, a nationwide tour of free outdoor 35mm screening experiences pairing everyone’s favorite films with the famous locations where they were shot or set. This year, the Alamo Drafthouse and the Levi’s® brand have partnered to champion some of cinema’s most celebrated workers. “We Are All Workers” is the underlying theme of this year’s Rolling Roadshow, which will be brought live to movie lovers throughout the hazy summer nights of August.

Inspired by Levi’s® new Go Forth ‘Ready to Work’ marketing campaign, which explores how a new generation of real American workers is rolling up its sleeves to make real change happen, the Rolling Roadshow hits the road with nine seminal screenings proving that everybody’s work is equally important. The Alamo Drafthouse and the Levi’s® brand have curated an eclectic line up of cinema’s greatest workers, including an oil baron (THERE WILL BE BLOOD), a cyborg cop (ROBOCOP), missionaries (THE BLUES BROTHERS), law-benders (DIRTY HARRY), law-breakers (JACKIE BROWN), championship contenders (ROCKY) and coulda-been contenders (ON THE WATERFRONT).

Alamo Drafthouse and the Levi’s® brand have put together an inspired lineup of films and locations, kicking things off with modern crime classic JACKIE BROWN at the Del Amo Fashion Mall in Los Angeles. Director Quentin Tarantino’s beloved old stomping ground, the South Bay, serves as the backdrop to the climactic sting operation in the film. The Del Amo Mall parking lot, where one chatty character meets her end, was handpicked by Quentin Tarantino for this very special screening. Schedule permitting, the director will be in attendance.

From there, the Rolling Roadshow will make stops at San Francisco’s Washington Square Park, the scene of Scorpio’s sniper attack in DIRTY HARRY; Old Joliet Prison from the opening of BLUES BROTHERS; Philadelphia’s Museum of Art, where ROCKY ends the rousing training montage with his famous fist-pumping celebration; the rooftops of Little Italy in New York City from GODFATHER II, where Robert De Niro’s young Don Corelone tracks his assassination target, and more!

“We’ve worked hard to find that perfect combination of film and location for the ultimate outdoor cinema experience. These films are some of our most beloved cinematic treasures and the screenings themselves are large-scale parties at the very sites which symbolize what makes them so great,” said Tim League, Alamo Drafthouse CEO. “The Rolling Roadshow is an extension of our unique programming philosophy at the Alamo Drafthouse, which continually seeks to find creative ways to celebrate our love of film.”

“Collaborating with the Alamo Drafthouse is a perfect fit for the Levi’s® brand as we’ve long admired their work and share the same pioneering spirit. The ‘We Are All Workers’ Rolling Roadshow gives us an opportunity to take an irreverent approach to the democracy of work and our Go Forth campaign as we blaze a trail across the country,” said Doug Sweeny, VP, Levi’s® Brand Marketing.

All Rolling Roadshow “We Are All Workers” screenings are free and open to the public. Some screenings may feature surprise celebrity guests, and each location will feature fun events including city-wide scavenger hunts hosted in partnership with social networking platform Gowalla, after parties and more. Check out the full screening lineup below.

    --       August 6 - JACKIE BROWN in Los Angeles, Calif.
        Del Amo Fashion Mall - director Quentin Tarantino's beloved old
         stomping ground, the South Bay, serves as the backdrop to the
         climactic sting operation. The Del Amo Mall parking lot, where
         one chatty character meets her end, was handpicked by Quentin
         Tarantino for this very special screening.  Schedule permitting,
         the director will be in attendance.
    --       August 7 - DIRTY HARRY in San Francisco, Calif.
        Washington Square Park - the sniper serial killer scouts the park
         from a rooftop in this park, lining up his next victim in
         crosshairs in this chilling scene.
    --       August 8 - THERE WILL BE BLOOD in Bakersfield, Calif.
        The Oil Experience, Kern County Museum - Oscar-nominated
         director Paul Thomas Anderson frequented this museum, dedicated
         to the early oilmen in Bakersfield, CA, for inspiration and
         research while adapting Upton Sinclair's Oil! The film's wooden
         derrick was modeled after the museum's replica and the screening
         will be held under the shadow of this derrick.
    --       August 8 - CONVOY and RED DAWN in Las Vegas, N.M.
        Ft. Union Drive-In - in the name of blue collar masculinity,
         here is a double feature of desert action and power! CONVOY, a
         Sam Peckinpah-directed movie about truck drivers, and RED DAWN
         were both filmed in Las Vegas, New Mexico.
    --       August 13 - THE BLUES BROTHERS in Joliet, Ill.
        Old Joliet Prison - in the film's opening, "Joliet" Jake Blues
         exits these prison gates to be picked up by his brother Ellwood
         in their iconic battered police cruiser.
    --       August 14 - ROBOCOP in Detroit, Mich.
        Russell Industrial Center - betrayed by his corporate creator,
         Robocop takes refuge at an abandoned industrial complex and sets
         the stage for the bloody (and toxic waste-infused) showdown
         with Clarence Boddicker and his gang of cop killers.
    --      August 19 - ROCKY, ROCKY II and ROCKY III in
     Philadelphia, Penn.
        Philadelphia Museum of Art - moviegoers will sit on the same
         steps where Rocky made his triumphant ascension at the
         conclusion of one of the most epic training montages...ever.
         Frequent fist-pumping encouraged.
    --       August 20 - ON THE WATERFRONT in Hoboken, N.J.
        Pier A Park - watch one of the all time greats, Marlon Brando in
         ON THE WATERFRONT, on the waterfront. The classic film was shot
         on location on the piers of Hoboken, N.J. Adjacent to Pier A is
         the Hoboken Historical Museum with detailed information about
         the filming locations. Idea credit - Entertainment Weekly.
    --       August 27 - GODFATHER II in New York, N.Y.
        Rooftop Near Little Italy - an ambitious young gangster named
         Vito Corleone earns the "Don" after taking down a local crime
         boss. In a spectacular sequence from the inarguably best sequel
         of all time, Robert De Niro tracks his target from the rootops
         of Little Italy.

For more information visit http://www.rollingroadshow.com



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