The National Steinbeck Center Announces: The Steinbeck Festival Goes International

July 15, 2010

30th Annual Steinbeck Festival, August 5-8, 2010, Journeys: Steinbeck Around the World

SALINAS, Calif., July 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — This summer, the National Steinbeck Center presents the 30th annual Steinbeck Festival, Journeys: Steinbeck Around the World, to be held from August 5-8, 2010 in Salinas and in literary locales around the globe. The festival will explore journeys of all kinds, throughout America and the wide world, through the eyes of John Steinbeck and others. Each year, hundreds of people from all walks of life attend the annual four-day festival which includes talks, tours, film and the visual and performing arts. This year, for the first time, the Steinbeck Festival will be celebrated not only in Salinas, City of Letters, but in sites throughout the wide world, from Berlin, Hanoi and Paris to Mexico City and the Sea of Cortez, through the first Steinbeck Festival International Fringe Fest. Full brochure at www.steinbeck.org

Background on the Theme of The 30th Annual Steinbeck Festival:

While Nobel laureate John Steinbeck was most famous for his books set in California, much of Steinbeck’s work was written in or about places far from his home state. Steinbeck traveled regularly to Mexico and Europe. During WW II, Steinbeck was a war correspondent for the New York Herald Tribune in Great Britain and the Mediterranean area. A Russian Journal (1948) chronicled Steinbeck’s journey to the Soviet Union with photographer Robert Capa. In 1959 Steinbeck spent nearly a year in England, working with Morte d’Arthur, a favorite book from his childhood. Fifty years ago, Steinbeck and his wife’s poodle, Charley, became reacquainted with America and in 1962 the national trek appeared as Travels with Charley in Search of America. Steinbeck later wrote special reports from abroad, from and about countries including Vietnam. Today, John Steinbeck’s literature is translated throughout the world.

Background on the National Steinbeck Center :

The National Steinbeck Center is a cultural institution located in Salinas, California, the birthplace of John Steinbeck. Its mission is “to tell the story of John Steinbeck’s rich legacy, and to present, create and explore stories of the human condition.” www.steinbeck.org. For information or to purchase tickets, call (831) 775-4721.

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