August 1st Unleashes Pirate Mystery and Ten Thousand Dollars

August 2, 2010

NEW YORK, Aug. 2 /PRNewswire/ — A treasure chest filled with ten thousand $1 US Mint coins is being given away, but not through a contest or promotion. It is buried somewhere under the five boroughs of New York City, and anyone can find it. Welostourgold.com has begun to show its viewers how.

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An Internet web series was launched on Sunday August 1st, chronicling the mis-adventures of four puppet pirates and their attempts to retrace their steps to the lost treasure. Hidden within the videos are clues, hints, and easter eggs. If decoded, the viewer can find the buried coins. If you have ever wanted to seek out and find buried treasure, welostourgold.com is giving you the opportunity — with your very own treasure map.

In this age where corporate marketing runs rampant, one might think that there’s a catch or hidden agenda. There is no catch involved. There is no product tie-in, no list to join, no contest rules. There are simply eight videos to watch.

And if you aren’t watching, you are already missing the clues.

Initially, the pirates were furious that a web series had been created, with the sole purpose of leading strangers to their gold. Now, they are simply furious that people suspect the series must come with a catch.

“I had to do that take where the Captain smashes the bottle over me head 8 times!” said Mulligan, the ship’s first mate. “Wait, does that answer your question? What was yer question? Were it about tha vuvuzela?”

“No, I don’t mind that I lost me eye during filming,” added his colleague Crothers. “I’m a pirate, I’ve lost worse than that. I lost 10,000 dollars recently; don’t know if you’ve heard. That’ll buy a lot of eyeballs, that will.”

Fellow pirate Tom declined to comment, the Captain having reportedly killed Tom’s Japanese translator outside of a California-based Comic convention. When questioned, the Captain appeared unwilling to deny the allegation.

“He kept preachin’ ta me about why tha Greeny Lanterny ring wouldna work on tha color yellow. I swears he musta said ‘Rayner’, ‘Gardner’, and ‘Reynolds’, about 400 times apiece. So I asked if tha power ring worked on tha color red, an’ chopped his legs off. If any media type folk want somethin’ from Tom, they can speaks ta me. Now sod off. I got’s ta find me gold.”

It is made adamantly clear that the viewer should NOT just start digging randomly in NYC. “Don’t just dig, ye codfish!” the Captain said in an earlier statement. “Tha spot be clearly marked! Diggin’ at randoms be pointless… and if one more swab asks me if it be in Central Park, I’ll cut his arms off! It ain’t there; an no, that ain’t a clue, ye buggers!”

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