The Little Black Dress Way … of Eating Right and Staying Toned This Summer

August 4, 2010

PITTSBURGH, Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/ — Whether it is overeating at a friend’s backyard barbeque or splurging on too many new clothes for an upcoming vacation, certain summer activities can equate to excess clutter, chaos and accumulation – both literally and figuratively.

On a woman’s journey to living The Little Black Dress Way and loving her life, these types of excesses serve as a distraction to living a simpler, uncluttered, easier way of life. Taking their inspiration from the little black dress, a metaphor for keeping things simple, pared down and going back to basics, best friends Jamie Belo and Kathy Burke recently released their new book The Little Black Dress Way…of Living, a practical, inspirational guidebook that encourages women to simplify their lives.

“Living Lean and Living with Less are two chapters in the book that women can consult for guidance on minimizing ‘summer excess’ on their journey to eliminating the clutter and finding greater joy in their lives,” said Belo. “Living Lean is all about eating right and staying toned. It’s about fitting into that Little Black Dress, for good. The Living with Less journey begins with ‘Taking out the Garbage’ of the excess stuff, and saying ‘NO!’ to anything and everything that takes away from a simpler way of life.”

The Little Black Dress Girlz also came up with a plan called ‘Four Squares a Day.’ Each Square works on its own, but each is also interrelated and applies to all aspects of their lives:

  • The first Square is obvious: Find a Friend. Because you can’t go at it alone.
  • The next Square is: Take Out the Garbage. And we mean all of the garbage, not just what’s crammed inside those bags you haul to the curb.
  • The third Square is called: Flex-ercise. Not only is it a great technique that tightens your whole body, it’s also an exercise that clamps down on your willpower.
  • The last and most essential Square is: Train your Brain. Train your Brain is the art of getting used to not reacting, calming down and saying “NO!” to what you know is not good for you.

“If you think about The Little Black Dress representing the single, simplest thing that you own, love and always feel good in, simply think of the Four Squares as a representation of how to maintain that special feeling,” Burke added. “Our book enables women to simplify their lives to find that feeling, and only when they do that can they start to love and embrace their lives.”

That’s not to say The Little Black Dress Girlz don’t indulge a little bit when they’re on vacation, or avoid the mall. It’s simple. They “Took Out the Garbage,” “Flex-ercised,” “Trained their Brains” and most importantly, “Found a Friend” to share the journey with, and as a result have more serenity in their lives.

Co-author and Little Black Dress Girl Jamie Belo is currently the very proud mother of a teenage daughter. She previously worked for FOX television developing kids programming and as a director/producer for NHL gamenight entertainment content for the JumboTron Sport screen. Belo is the wife of Craig Patrick, the former general manager of the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins of 17 years, and the assistant coach/general manager of the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” Olympic hockey team.

Co-author and Little Black Dress Girl Kathy Burke is a former pediatric nurse at Boston Children’s Hospital and Shriners Burn Institute. Burke is the wife of a leading orthopedic surgeon and team doctor for the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team. As a mom of four children, Burke has been an active volunteer with school committees, community events and local sports teams.

To purchase the book ($20) and for more information about how to embrace The Little Black Dress Way…of Living, visit: www.thelittleblackdressgirlz.com.

The Little Black Dress Girlz Mission Statement: To tap into every woman’s ‘common sense’ for a healthy, happy, and balanced life, by offering a roadmap to joyful living. Join us on our journey to Living Lean, Living with Less, Living in Love, and best of all, Living Life! Visit us online at www.thelittleblackdressgirlz.com.

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