Abstinence and Dating Are Not Mutually Exclusive, Assures YouAndIAbstain.com

August 13, 2010

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 13 /PRNewswire/ — While society in general encourages teenagers to abstain from sex, the message is not as prevalent in the rest of the population. For those who live that message every day yet may not feel support for that choice from peers and greater society, there is now a dating site where they can meet like-minded individuals.

Online dating site YouAndIAbstain.com was founded by Jose and Lety Colin, who shared the value of abstinence prior to becoming husband and wife. They wanted to give single people who practice abstinence an opportunity to meet online. The Colins attribute their strong marriage to the fact that they abstained before tying the knot – and they want others to experience the power of abstinence.

“Our site is more than just a dating site,” said Lety. “We have created a community where people can connect without feeling ostracized by the rest of society.”

“It’s similar to an online support group,” added Jose. “Building a community helps encourage life-changing decisions, and it can also benefit individuals to date those who can be supportive of their path in life.”

Moreover, the site offers a welcoming community to individuals who identify themselves as “born-again virgins.” These individuals, who have had sex at some point in life but have decided to abstain from further sex until they reach a serious commitment with another person, are a significant part of the abstinence community YouAndIAbstain.com strives to nurture.

“We realize that, in today’s world, it can be very difficult to meet someone who is still ‘waiting’ for the right person,” stated Lety. “But we hope that, with YouAndIAbstain.com, people will take a chance and meet others just like them who are in pursuit of relationships not based on sex.”

“Abstinence removes many of the pressures associated with dating,” Jose explained. “It allows two people to focus fully on each other without unnecessary distractions.”

Lety and Jose said they hope the website will raise awareness and keep the concept – and practice – of abstinence alive. “We know from experience that abstinence is a powerful choice to create and sustain stronger bonds in couples,” Lety concluded.

Free Standard Membership is available to all approved membership applicants. Standard Members may search member profiles and receive private messages from other members – but not reply to them. Gold Members may reply to messages, as well as send private messages; participate in IM, chat and 3D chat; send “winks”; and participate in polls. Gold Membership is now available free during a limited-time promotional period.

For more information, visit http://www.youandiabstain.com.

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