From Ashes to Riches at the Big Chill Festival

August 23, 2010

GIBRALTAR, August 23, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — A 36 year old from Northwich
returned to his campsite after an indulgent night of wild partying at the Big
Chill Festival only to find his tent and all his personals in ashes. Help
came in the least expected way when he called his mum and heard her shouts of
joy after winning a GBP14,000 jackpot.

The weather gods seemed to be smiling on Timothy as he headed down to the
Big Chill Festival last week to watch Massive Attack and Mr. Scruff perform
live. A carpenter by profession, Tim had taken off the last 6 months to
explore the country with his girlfriend Nina and was planning on heading back
home after a few days of partying at the festival. On his last day at the
event, a small fire broke out in one of the tents as a couple of guys tried
to light a gas stove around 11pm. By the time Tim returned to his tent for
the night, all that was left of his stuff were ashes.

Afraid he wouldn’t have the money to get him and his girlfriend home the
next day, he called his parents living in the nearby town of Sandbach hoping
that they would be able to wire him some money by morning. His mum who enjoys
playing at http://www.casino.com had just moments before won a GBP14,000
jackpot and was more than happy to help out. After sending her son the money,
Tim was able to make it home from the festival by bus after arriving at
Eastnor Castle Deer Park by hitchhiking.

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