More Than Just a VIP at the Canton Fair

August 24, 2010

GUANGZHOU, China, Aug. 24 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Every year, the Canton Fair
manages to attract countless trade and commerce organizations from across the
world to come and exchange success with their Chinese counterparts as well as
each other. While they are here, the more important of them, as well as those
who have remained faithful to the Fair over the years, are free to take
advantage of the VIP lounge that organizers have thoughtfully arranged for

These VIP members see this service as one of the many crucial winning
points of the Fair. That’s not to say they wouldn’t come back if there weren’t
a VIP lounge, but rather, that the lounge is something that truly sets the
biannual fair one class higher than the rest. When members aren’t busy out on
the floor striking game-changing business deals, the lounge is where they can
sit back and relax to complimentary lunches of diverse international cuisines,
freely surf the internet, or simply enjoy a quiet moment of respite enveloped
in the fragrance of numerous plants and flowers. Or, it could simply be where
they strike the deals that ultimately make the Fair worthwhile.

Essentially, the VIP lounge is for more than just VIPs. It’s for the real
heavy hitters, those who have the most foresight and insight into their
respective industries. Organizers know this and their service reflects it.
Even VIP lounge staff are happy to meet whatever needs the best of the best
from all over the world may have.

Unsurprisingly, a recent survey indicated that at least 60% of members
were close to 100% satisfied with the VIP service. This is no small
achievement for organizers, as the demands of Canton Fair VIPs may very well
be among the highest in the world.

Said Ms. Mayumi Wakazono of the Tokai-Japan Trade Center, “The lounge
enviroment was extremely elegant, and we were very pleasantly surprised with
the service, too.” Ms. Uta Schwietzer of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Brazil-China had a similarly positive response, as did a myriad of others.
Certainly they would all agree that this VIP service is just one more check on
the list of reasons the Canton Fair shouldn’t be missed.

SOURCE China Foreign Trade Centre (CFTC)

Source: newswire

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