Private Jets or a Holiday in the Alps are Not Far Off

August 27, 2010

GIBRALTAR, August 27, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Exciting VIP trends are taking
over online businesses. More and more VIP programmes are popping up on the
internet and offering customers better service, benefits and results. Want to
fly in a private jet or win a free trip to Thailand? Check out the latest VIP
trends on the net and you may get lucky.

VIP clubs are no longer just offering discounts or cash back prizes like
they used to. Online VIP promotions are now offering some of the coolest and
strangest things you’ve ever heard of. Carbon fibre bikes, luxury watches and

David Beckham sneakers are just the tip of the iceberg. Leading the crowd are
online casino sites which have been renewing their VIP schemes.

http://www.casino.com, for example, recently moved from Champagne and
iPods to organised cruises to Rio and holidays in the Alps. Like many other
companies online, they recently reshaped the structure of the VIP programme
to include a much larger budget. When asked about the new reward system,

Ariel Reem, Head of the Retention Team at casino.com responded, “We want to
make sure that we always remain at the top of our industry. Surprising our
players with great prizes, is just one of our ways.” Companies want to reward
loyal customers for sticking with their brand and they are doing it in a big

This new VIP philosophy is more than just another trend on the internet.
More and more online sites are now offering upgraded VIP programmes to their
customers. Companies want to create a reliable bank of clientele. The short
term investment in VIP programmes will certainly prove itself in the long
run. In the meantime, customers are enjoying the benefits.

About Casino.com: Casino.com offers traditional card and table games, as
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currently available in Adobe Flash or to download, and can be played for real
money or for fun in English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese,
Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Italian, Korean, Norwegian,
Romanian, Russian and Swedish. Casino.com is owned by Mansion Limited which
is licensed and operated in Gibraltar.

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