Atomic PR Announces Addition of Three New Clients to Agency’s New York Office

August 30, 2010

NEW YORK, Aug. 30 /PRNewswire/ — Atomic Public Relations (www.atomicpr.com) today announced that it has been selected to provide public relations support to three new clients in the social media, online and financial services sectors.

Baker Ave., a San Francisco-based wealth management firm, The Hotlist, a New York-based, online geo-social aggregator and Edeems, an innovative link shortening site and service where people can earn money or donate cash to charities from the links they share, each have engaged with Atomic PR to provide comprehensive communications support. The new accounts are being led by Atomic’s New York office and join other East Coast clients, Animoto and Living Social.

“At Baker Ave., we consider ourselves to be a progressive firm in the wealth management field,” said Simon Baker, CEO, Baker Ave. “We chose Atomic to assist us in strategic communications that not only define what made us unique but tell our story in a compelling fashion across the entire spectrum of traditional, digital and social media. We’ve gotten off to an exceptionally strong start together.”

The addition of The Hotlist and Edeems adds to Atomic’s deep pedigree with industry-leading social media and online clients including LinkedIn, Living Social, Gaia Online, Animoto, Photobucket, Bebo, imeem and numerous others.

Baker Ave., meanwhile, leverages Atomic’s expertise in the financial services field alongside clients such as Mint.com, Credit Karma, BrightScope, Simplify, Lending Club and DebtGoal.

“We’re excited about collaborating with each of these new clients,” said Andy Getsey, co-founder and CEO, Atomic PR. “They are a great fit for our growing New York team, which has a lot of expertise in social media, online, financial services, mobile, Web 2.0, consumer technology and more.”

Atomic’s client portfolio ranges from deep tech to consumer tech and entertainment, and includes such brands as Verizon, Pioneer, NETGEAR, Citrix Online, Intuit, Echelon, Mint.com, Smule and others. For more information, please visit www.atomicpr.com.

About Atomic Public Relations

Atomic Public Relations mixes classical PR with social media, video and search engine optimization, enhanced with the sophisticated use of communications analytics for strategy building, creative planning and detailed program measurement. Many Atomic clients achieve increases of 100% or more across numerous measures of PR program yield compared to pre-Atomic baselines, often on lower budgets than before (www.atomicpr.com/results). Atomic PR has powered numerous breakthrough campaigns for progressive technology, consumer and entertainment brands from start-ups like Animoto, Bebo, Mint.com and Smule, to growing mid-stage companies such as Ingres, LinkedIn and Coupons.com, as well as leading publicly traded companies including Intuit, IMAX, Verizon, ArcSight and Echelon. Atomic has offices in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and London, and is closely affiliated with the Huntsworth agency network across the world. More information: www.atomicpr.com.

    Nina Velasquez
    Atomic PR

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