MarketsandMarkets New Report – Global Weight Loss and Diet Management Market (2009 – 2014)

September 2, 2010

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This market report analyzes the trends prevailing in the digestive health
ingredients market in the United States. It gives the revenue forecast,
competitive structure and market share details for the major segments such as
digestive prebiotics, digestive probiotics and digestive enzymes. It analyzes
the product and application trend for the major product segments. It provides
the company profiles of major companies participating in the United States

Digestive health is the fastest growing segment in the United States food
ingredients market domain. With increased interest among health conscious
consumers, a large number of gut-health or digestive-health products have
been launched in the market. United States is coming closer to Europe in
consumer preference for digestive health products.

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This study analyzes the U.S. market for the following three important
digestive health ingredients.

    - Digestive Prebiotics (fructans, mannan oligosaccharides
      (MOS), gacato-oligosaccharide (GOS), and others)
    - Digestive Probiotics (cultures)
    - Digestive Enzymes (proteases, lipases carbohydrases,
      lactases, and others)

The study covers enzymes that are consumed as supplements for maintaining
proper digestion in human health.

The probiotics market in the United States is at an emerging stage. With
reference to the awareness level among the United States consumers against
European consumers, the U.S. consumers are still in the growing stage and
there exists a huge opportunity for the companies who could educate and
create awareness among consumers. In the U.S. market, the consumption of
probiotics through dietary supplement products is high. However in Europe,
the reverse is the case where consumers are more often consume probiotics in
a more diluted form through dairy and other food and beverage products.

Group Danone’s world class probiotic drink brand Actimel(R), which is an
extremely popular probiotic product in Europe has been successfully launched
in the United States in 2005 under the brand name DanActive(R). Still Europe
is the leader in terms of market value and number of new product launches in
the digestive health domain. In the United States, the awareness has reached
the next level and some aggressive marketing could take this market to the
highest level.

The market dynamics and trends are very different among the three
segments. Prebiotics and probiotics are growing at double-digit growth rate
as compared to the digestive enzymes that are experiencing a relatively lower
growth rate. Prebiotics is the largest revenue generating ingredient among
the three major segments followed by Probiotics and Enzymes.

The most popular trend is the availability of multi-enzyme supplements
for digestive problems.

Major companies analyzed in this report include BENEO-Group, SENSUS, GTC
Nutrition, Cargill, Inc., Amano Enzyme Inc., National Enzyme Company, Chr
Hansen A/S, Royal DSM N.V., Danisco A/S, and Institut Rosell-Lallemand.

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