O’Fallon, MO Company Launches Website Allowing Users to Profit From Personalized Campaigns

September 13, 2010

O’FALLON, Mo., Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ — IfYouAgree.com (http://ifyouagree.com/) offers everyone the ability to make a statement and earn money simply by expressing their own ideas and opinions.

IfYouAgree.com offers the everyday person the opportunity to customize any of the IfYouAgree.com products with a personalized statement, phrase or opinion. IfYouAgree.com provides an outlet to express oneself on Statement Stickers, Statement Mugs, Cheer Banners or Town T-shirts.

“The concept is simple,” said owner Dave McClaskey. “A person visits IfYouAgree.com and customizes their statement on a sticker, mug, cheer banner or town T-shirt. Each product has an action word instructing the reader(s) to ‘Honk,’ ‘Smile’ or ‘Cheer’ if they agree with the customized statement.”

When customized statements are submitted to the IfYouAgree.com website, the person who submitted the statement instantly gains sole ownership of that said Statement Product(s). The Statement Product(s) then becomes part of the IfYouAgree.com online store catalog – available to the public for purchase. For every customized statement that is sold through the IfYouAgree.com website, statement owners will earn 20% commission of their entire statement sale value.

All of the IfYouAgree.com Statement Products are perfect for everyone looking to earn money by simply making a statement. The CEO can use IfYouAgree.com as a mass marketing tool by simply saying, “I ‘Thumbs Up’ My Company, Honk If You Agree!” The blue collar worker can use IfYouAgree.com to discreetly express their opinion in the workplace while the construction worker can wear their customized statement on a T-shirt.

IfYouAgree.com statements are perfect for school fundraising. Schools can customize a Statement Sticker, Statement Mug, Statement Cheer Banner or T-shirt as well. Any school who chooses to use IfYouAgree.com will earn 50% commission for each sale of their Statement Product through the IfYouAgree.com online store. IfYouAgree.com fundraising provides school students another way to wear or cheer on their school colors. It’s literally marketing and fundraising, all in one.

“It’s a low-cost way of finding others who share your likes and dislikes while earning a few extra dollars,” said McClaskey.

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