Nokia and Intuit Form Global Alliance to Create Mobile Marketing Services for Small Businesses

September 15, 2010

LONDON, September 15, 2010 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Today, Intuit
(Nasdaq: INTU) and Nokia (NYSE: NOK) announced an alliance to develop and
deliver an innovative new mobile and web based marketing service for small
businesses around the world.

Addressing one of the leading concerns for the world’s estimated 500
million small businesses, the new service will be designed to help them get
more business through personalized, relevant offers and marketing messages,
in a way unmatched by traditional methods.

The first market launch of the service is expected in the fourth quarter
of 2010, further details will be made available at that time.

“Small businesses need every advantage to stay ahead of the pack in
today’s competitive environment,” said Alex Lintner, President, Intuit Global
Business Division. “We plan to offer them a way to strengthen customer
relationships, through targeted communications that increase sales by
delivering more customer visits. We’re applying the same proven formula we’ve
used with QuickBooks to help small businesses succeed by better serving their
customers. We are thrilled to partner with Nokia to bring our respective
areas of expertise to bear in developing this revolutionary service.”

“This is a significant step which we expect will create future growth
opportunities,” said Robert Andersson, Senior Vice President & Head of
Corporate Alliances and Business Development at Nokia. “Working with Intuit,
we are developing a breakthrough service to help small businesses deepen
relationships with their customers, leveraging our expertise in mobile and
location based services. We believe this will benefit consumers too, by
helping them find their favorite products and services in the right place, at
the right time and at the best price.”

With hundreds of millions of its devices sold each year and more than 1.3
billion Nokia mobile devices in use around the world, Nokia is the world’s
largest mobile device manufacturer as well as a leader in digital mapping and
navigation services, covering more than 70 countries in over 45 languages.

Currently serving millions of small businesses around the world, Intuit
brings unique understanding of small businesses, a proven focus on innovation
and a history of developing market-leading solutions to help small businesses
improve their bottom line with offerings such as QuickBooks and Intuit

“Small businesses have a strong appetite for tools that can help them
reach their customers and attract new ones,” said Timothy Doherty, Research
Analyst for SMB mobility at IDC. “There is a real opportunity for cost
effective solutions that allow small businesses to proactively target the
mobile customer with highly contextual offerings based on location and past
purchase behavior.”

Note to editors: Media materials can be found at http://about.intuit.com
and http://www.nokia.com/press.


It should be noted that certain statements herein which are not
historical facts are forward-looking statements, including, without
limitation, those regarding: A) the timing of the deliveries of our products
and services and their combinations; B) our ability to develop, implement and
commercialize new technologies, products and services and their combinations;
C) expectations regarding market developments and structural changes; D)
expectations and targets regarding our industry volumes, market share,
prices, net sales and margins of products and services and their
combinations; E) expectations and targets regarding our operational
priorities and results of operations; F) the outcome of pending and
threatened litigation; G) expectations regarding the successful completion of
acquisitions or restructurings on a timely basis and our ability to achieve
the financial and operational targets set in connection with any such
acquisition or restructuring; and H) statements preceded by “believe,”
“expect,” “anticipate,” “foresee,” “target,” “estimate,” “designed,” “plans,”
“will” or similar expressions. These statements are based on management’s
best assumptions and beliefs in light of the information currently available
to it. Because they involve risks and uncertainties, actual results may
differ materially from the results that we currently expect. Factors that
could cause these differences include, but are not limited to: 1) the
competitiveness and quality of our portfolio of products and services and
their combinations; 2) our ability to timely and successfully develop or
otherwise acquire the appropriate technologies and commercialize them as new
advanced products and services and their combinations, including our ability
to attract application developers and content providers to develop
applications and provide content for use in our devices; 3) our ability to
effectively, timely and profitably adapt our business and operations to the
requirements of the converged mobile device market and the services market;
4) the intensity of competition in the various markets where we do business
and our ability to maintain or improve our market position or respond
successfully to changes in the competitive environment; 5) the occurrence of
any actual or even alleged defects or other quality, safety or security
issues in our products and services and their combinations; 6) the
development of the mobile and fixed communications industry and general
economic conditions globally and regionally; 7) our ability to successfully
manage costs; 8) exchange rate fluctuations, including, in particular,
fluctuations between the euro, which is our reporting currency, and the US
dollar, the Japanese yen and the Chinese yuan, as well as certain other
currencies; 9) the success, financial condition and performance of our
suppliers, collaboration partners and customers; 10) our ability to source
sufficient amounts of fully functional components, sub-assemblies, software,
applications and content without interruption and at acceptable prices and
quality; 11) our success in collaboration arrangements with third parties
relating to the development of new technologies, products and services,
including applications and content; 12) our ability to manage efficiently our
manufacturing and logistics, as well as to ensure the quality, safety,
security and timely delivery of our products and services and their
combinations; 13) our ability to manage our inventory and timely adapt our
supply to meet changing demands for our products; 14) our ability to protect
the complex technologies, which we or others develop or that we license, from
claims that we have infringed third parties’ intellectual property rights, as
well as our unrestricted use on commercially acceptable terms of certain
technologies in our products and services and their combinations; 15) our
ability to protect numerous Nokia, NAVTEQ and Nokia Siemens Networks
patented, standardized or proprietary technologies from third-party
infringement or actions to invalidate the intellectual property rights of
these technologies; 16) the impact of changes in government policies, trade
policies, laws or regulations and economic or political turmoil in countries
where our assets are located and we do business; 17) any disruption to
information technology systems and networks that our operations rely on; 18)
our ability to retain, motivate, develop and recruit appropriately skilled
employees; 19) unfavorable outcome of litigations; 20) allegations of
possible health risks from electromagnetic fields generated by base stations
and mobile devices and lawsuits related to them, regardless of merit; 21) our
ability to achieve targeted costs reductions and increase profitability in
Nokia Siemens Networks and to effectively and timely execute related
restructuring measures; 22) developments under large, multi-year contracts or
in relation to major customers in the networks infrastructure and related
services business; 23) the management of our customer financing exposure,
particularly in the networks infrastructure and related services business;
24) whether ongoing or any additional governmental investigations into
alleged violations of law by some former employees of Siemens AG (“Siemens”)
may involve and affect the carrier-related assets and employees transferred
by Siemens to Nokia Siemens Networks; 25) any impairment of Nokia Siemens
Networks customer relationships resulting from ongoing or any additional
governmental investigations involving the Siemens carrier-related operations
transferred to Nokia Siemens Networks; as well as the risk factors specified
on pages 11-32 of Nokia’s annual report Form 20-F for the year ended December
31, 2009
under Item 3D. “Risk Factors.” Other unknown or unpredictable
factors or underlying assumptions subsequently proving to be incorrect could
cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking
statements. Nokia does not undertake any obligation to publicly update or
revise forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information,
future events or otherwise, except to the extent legally required.

About Intuit Inc.

Intuit Inc. is a leading provider of business and financial management
solutions for small and mid-sized businesses; financial institutions,
including banks and credit unions; consumers and accounting professionals.
Its flagship products and services, including QuickBooks(R), Quicken(R) and
TurboTax(R), simplify small business management and payroll processing,
personal finance, and tax preparation and filing. ProSeries(R) and Lacerte(R)
are Intuit’s leading tax preparation offerings for professional accountants.
Intuit Financial Services provides enhanced online banking solutions and
unique insights to help banks and credit unions serve businesses and
consumers with innovative solutions.

Founded in 1983, Intuit had annual revenue of $3.5 billion in its fiscal
year 2010. The company has approximately 7,700 employees with major offices
in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India and other locations.
More information can be found at http://www.intuit.com.

About Nokia

At Nokia, we are committed to connecting people. We combine advanced
technology with personalized services that enable people to stay close to
what matters to them. Every day, more than 1.3 billion people connect to one
another with a Nokia device – from mobile phones to advanced smartphones and
high-performance mobile computers. Today, Nokia is integrating its devices
with innovative services through Ovi (http://www.ovi.com), including music,
maps, apps, email and more. Nokia’s NAVTEQ is a leader in comprehensive
digital mapping and navigation services, while Nokia Siemens Networks
provides equipment, services and solutions for communications networks

For more information, visit http://www.nokia.com/press or the Nokia
Conversations blog http://conversations.nokia.com.

SOURCE Nokia Corporation

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