September 16, 2010

Company To Roll Out Prescription 3D Glasses

Luxottica, an Italian eyewear company, said on Wednesday that it plans to launch the world's first 3D prescription lenses through sunglass company Oakley later on this year.

Oakley "has achieved unparalleled visual clarity while extending the wearer's peripheral viewing angle and providing a truer alignment of 3D images," Luxottica said in a statement.

The Italian company said that it has been using DreamWorks Animation's workshops for testing.

The company said "premium editions in the new line will be the first 3D eyewear on Earth with optically correct lenses".

The first pairs of these prescription 3D lenses would be available in the U.S. later this year and launched throughout the rest of the world in 2011.

"We are very proud of this technological breakthrough," Andrea Guerra, chief executive of Luxottica, was quoted as saying.

The market for 3D cinema and television viewing is growing.

Fuju Chimera, a Japanese economic research center, said in a study that about half of the world that currently owns a television would have TVs equipped with 3D technology.

Image Courtesy Oakley/Luxottica


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