Focus Washington Talks With ‘The Hill’s’ Campaign Reporter Shane D’Aprile About Democrats’ Stance on Upcoming Elections

September 16, 2010

WASHINGTON, Sept. 16 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Democrats are going to face some difficult decisions if they are to hold back the Republican landside that many pundits and pollsters predict for the Congressional elections in November. According to Shane D’Aprile, the political campaign reporter for the Hill newspaper, those decisions will include which Democrats the party chooses to support for reelection.

In a video interview with Chuck Conconi on Focus Washington, D’Aprile said, “Democrats can’t support every Democratic candidate. They have a financial advantage and have to be selective as to where they are going to put their resources.”

According to D’Aprile, Chris Van Hollen, chairman of the House Democrats campaign committee, says all Democrats will be supported. But, D’Aprile argues, if Democrats don’t make those hard choices they will lose their edge.

He says a number of the Congressional Democrats running for reelection are turning away from President Obama’s legislative agenda and showing they voted against health care and stimulus legislation. They feel this is necessary to attract Independents, centrists and Republicans.

D’Aprile says some Republicans believe they haven’t yet peaked in the belief they will win the House of Representatives and severely cut the Democrats’ majority in the Senate, if not actually win the Senate.

However, he says he believes that because of the Democrats’ money advantage, Democrats could defy the odds-makers and retain the House by a thin margin.

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