Evamor Water Coaches Football Fans to Skip Heartburn This Season

September 21, 2010

COVINGTON, La., Sept. 21 /PRNewswire/ — With football season in full swing, fanatics are throwing viewing parties and parking lot tailgates full of classic Americana favorites, like hot wings, cheeseburgers and nachos. Unfortunately, these same dishes often result in heartburn, making it difficult to comfortably enjoy the big game. Evamor Natural Artesian Water, high alkaline water with natural acid-fighting properties, has drafted a line up of healthier tailgate trades to aid fans in staying heartburn-free this season.

Evamor’s Tailgate Trades:

  • Chips and salsa vs. guacamole. Although onions and tomatoes can have other health benefits, too many of either can lead to heartburn. Avocado helps to balance the acid in both ingredients, so enjoy onions and tomatoes in guacamole for a more stomach-friendly snack.
  • Fatty dressings vs. hummus. Substituting hummus in place of ranch or blue cheese dressings is a healthier alternative. It is made from chickpeas, a little bit of olive oil and lemon juice, making it delicious and alkaline.
  • Beef burgers vs. turkey burgers. Leaner meats produce less acid than red meat and are easier on the digestive system. Cooked on the grill at an outside tailgate and with the same classic condiments, only the stomach will know the positive difference.
  • Sugary brownies vs. juicy watermelon or carrot cake. At nine on the pH scale and rich with vitamins, watermelon is one of the best natural sweets to eat. There are also several alkaline options when it comes to treats, including creamy coconut pie and carrot cake.*
  • Heavy potato salad vs. fresh spinach or three-bean salad. Spinach is one of the most nutritious greens, loaded with calcium, vitamin C and other rich nutrients. Paired with a three-bean salad and splash of olive oil, lemon juice and fresh herbs, fans won’t think twice about giving up the hearty potato salad.
  • Dark beer vs. cocktails with apple or pineapple juice and light beer. Fresh juices, especially apple juice, are a lot less likely to cause heartburn, because of their naturally alkaline qualities. Since skipping beer is not always an appealing option, switch to a lighter beer instead.

A few of these simple switches will make the season more enjoyable, while giving fanatics the freedom to snack on their favorite football foods comfortably. Trading acidic snacks for alkaline substitutes, like the examples outlined above, helps to balance the body’s pH and fight heartburn.

Boasting a natural alkalinity level 140 times higher than other bottled waters, Evamor aids in combating excess acids introduced by the modern diet loaded with sugars, preservatives and fats. An alkaline diet, including Evamor, gives heartburn sufferers the freedom to enjoy “trigger” foods once again and, with a pH level at 8.8, leads to a more active and enjoyable lifestyle. A couple of servings of Evamor a day increases the amount of dietary alkalinity in the body, helping to regulate the bodily functions and creating an overall more harmonious balance and neutral body pH level.

Consumers interested in an enhancement to their already healthy lifestyle should be on the lookout for Evamor wherever other premium waters are sold. Currently, Evamor is available at most natural foods retailers and can also be found at the following locations:

    -- Albertsons                        -- Minyard Food Stores
    -- Brookshire                        -- Randall's
    -- Brookshire Bros                   -- Rice Epicurean
    -- Central Market                    -- Sun Harvest
    -- Fiesta Mart                       -- Tom Thumb
    -- H-E-B                             -- United Supermarkets
    -- Kroger                            -- Whole Foods

To locate more retailers and learn more about the benefits of Evamor water, please go to www.wateryoucanfeel.com.

*According to The pH Miracle for Weight Loss by Robert O. Young, PhD, recipes should be made with sugar alternatives, such as stevia, seed flours and non-alcohol vanilla.

Evamor Products, Inc. is a privately held company based in Covington, La. and is a new subsidiary of Reily Foods. Evamor is now a Natural Artesian Water that is bottled at the source in a brand new state of the art bottling plant. The natural artesian source of Evamor can fluctuate between 8.6 and 9.1 over time.

SOURCE Evamor Products, Inc.

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