Versita Launches Versita Open, an Open Access Portal for Scholarly Journals

September 27, 2010

WARSAW, Poland, September 27, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Versita today
announced the launch of Versita Open, where publishers of scholarly journals
can choose an open access model and services that best serve their needs.
Versita Open has already attracted over 200 journals across numerous
disciplines and expects to publish 500 journals in the near future.

Versita Open (http://www.versitaopen.com) is an Open Access (OA)
platform, which does not impose any open access model on participating
journals owned by universities, institutes and societies. Some of them raise
funding from article processing charges (“author pays” model), while most are
funded by the universities, institutes and societies which own them
(“publisher pays” model).

Commenting on the new venture, Jacek Ciesielski, the CEO of Versita says:
“Most of the OA advocates did not realize that what they promoted was already
widespread among scholarly journals. Our research shows that about 80% of
scholarly electronic journals are so called UOA, unintentional open access
journals. Their publishers are either not prepared to sell electronic
subscriptions or the quality is not good enough. If they try, they often do
not cover their costs with the revenues paid by libraries or authors.
Therefore, all UOA journals are funded by the universities, institutes and
societies that own them,” Ciesielski concludes.

Within the new service, Versita Open provides publishers with the world’s
leading e-publishing technology solutions such as MetaPress and Editorial
Manager, instead of open source or internal systems. “Versita not only
provides them with the technology, but also performs all publishing functions
such as journal production, marketing and distribution,” said Dawid Cecula,
Business Manager for Versita Open.

About Open Access

Open Access (OA) is an emerging model for academic publishing where
readers receive free access to scientific journals and books. In typical OA
models, the publishing costs are paid by authors. The first OA advocates were
librarians, and recently several publishers have introduced their OA

ABOUT Versita

Versita (http://www.versita.com) publishes its own and third-party
scholarly journals across many disciplines, addressed to the global science
community, with the goal to promote the best research carried out in Central
and Eastern Europe. Versita also provides scientific content publishers with
the world’s leading electronic publishing technology solutions such as
MetaPress and Editorial Manager. The company was established in 2001 by Jacek

    For more information, please contact:
    Mateusz Poddebniak, Marketing Executive Versita
    tel.: +48-22-7015015

SOURCE Versita (www.versita.com)

Source: newswire

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