October 4, 2010

Jingle Punks Launches First Ever Mobile Application for Music Licensing on Apple’s iPad

NEW YORK, Oct. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Jingle Punks, where today's most successful, high-profile networks and brands turn to for original and affordable pre-licensed musical content, has announced the launch of Jingle Player iPad App, the first ever mobile application for music licensing.

Jingle Punks' acclaimed proprietary music search technology can now be accessed from the iPad, granting producers, editors, and music supervisors the power to search for, listen to, and select music from the company's unique library of over 20,000 premium production and original indie music tracks -- all pre-licensed and ready for use in any media production.

The app offers a user-friendly interface that mirrors the company's web-based search tool. Users can simply start a search by typing in popular artists, pop cultural references or genres, or type in moods and emotions if that is more fitting for their project. Users can also build project bins, share selects, and preview any track in the Jingle Punks library. The result is a mobile music licensing solution that is available for creative decision makers when and where they need it.

Matthew Mills of Emmy Award-winning Space Station Media, one of the earliest adopters of Jingle Punks, says, "Space Station Media has worked with Jingle Punks on jobs as big as 'YouTube Live' and 'Follow Me: The Search For MTV's First TJ' and as small as web documentaries and industrials. With each project we get the same exemplary service and always find music to suit our needs. Jared and his gang are even willing and able to create original music if you need it. I love those guys. Game changers."

Lonnie Lazar from Cult of Mac says, "The Jingle Player's secret sauce lies in its ability to serve up the right songs based on the way people actually talk about music, using pop culture-relevant terms instead of technical music business jargon."

Rackspace, a cloud server provider, explains, "The coming cloud will be fertile ground for independent artists and content entrepreneurs...the beginnings are happening now with companies like Jingle Punks, who have revolutionized the music licensing model."

Jingle Punks CTO Dan Demole describes, "We used our existing patent-pending music search technology and applied it to the iPad. Consistent with our client-centric approach, our vision was to develop a unique mobile solution that would make our content available to clients in any work environment. We have created something simple, clean, and useful, a tool to increase productivity with elegance and ease."

"Innovative and intuitive technology sets Jingle Punks apart," says Jared Gutstadt, CEO of Jingle Punks. "Our goal is to be the industry standard in providing original content for licensing. Our mobile app is a logical extension of that mission."

In true Jingle Punks style, a viral video has been produced to help users find their way around the interface. You can see their entertaining and informative take on how to use the app here:


About Jingle Punks

Jingle Punks provides music licensing and music technology solutions to content creators in the Television, Film, Advertising and Interactive industries. The Jingle Punks model utilizes intuitive search technology to bring together a library of premium production and independent music with a team of in-house composers, who create custom, original music. The company's growing catalog of over 20,000 tracks is fully pre-cleared and searchable via The Jingle Player, the company's proprietary search platform that allows music supervisors, editors and producers to find media-ready music using musical and non-musical search terms, the same way people think and talk about music. The Player is currently being used by clients online, via desktop application and on the Jingle Player iPad App, the first ever music licensing app. The company's clients include the most influential and visible networks, production houses, and brands across Television, Film, Advertising and Interactive.

In May of 2010, Jingle Punks completed a substantial equity financing. The financing was sponsored by a private, New York-based investment company and a team of veterans from the music and technology industries. Proceeds from the transaction will help fund new product development, strategic content partnerships, and continued international expansion. The company has established a strategic advisory board that includes Spencer Hyman, strategy consultant and former COO of Last.FM, and Steve Kofsky, CEO of New Remote Publishing.

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