VIDEO from Synaptic Digital and Nestle: Nestle Prepared Foods Company to Decrease Sodium by 10%

November 8, 2010

BOSTON, Nov. 8, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Nestle Prepared Foods Company has announced a comprehensive plan to decrease the sodium content in its products by another 10 percent from reductions made earlier this decade. This major initiative will carry through 2015 and includes the company’s popular STOUFFER’S®, LEAN CUISINE®, BUITONI®, HOT POCKETS® and LEAN POCKETS® brands which will undergo gradual but steady recipe changes in order to bring down sodium levels without impacting taste.

See video from Nestle at: http://inr.synapticdigital.com/Nestle_37627/

The most recent example of the company’s ongoing efforts to provide sound nutrition balanced with great taste are STOUFFER’S® Farmers’ Harvest(TM) meals, to be available nationally by year’s end. Taste is assured by the use of high-quality ingredients such as sea salt, olive oil and real cheese. Whole grains are featured in eight of the recipes while four of the individual meals feature 1/2 cup of vegetables. Sodium content for these ten varieties ranges from 660-950 mg (28% – 40% DV or Percent Daily Value).

Modernizing Macaroni & Cheese is another way that Nestle has improved the nutritional profile and sodium content of its offerings, while still assuring taste. First introduced in 1954, the company’s top-selling STOUFFER’S® Macaroni & Cheese is now available in a variety made with whole grain, introduced in the Farmers’ Harvest(TM) range.

In addition, classic STOUFFER’S® Macaroni & Cheese has decreased sodium levels of its 20 oz. and 12 oz. packages from 920 mg per serving to 820 mg per serving (from 38%DV to 34% DV, an average decrease of 10 percent) since 2005.

STOUFFER’S® is not the only brand within the Nestle Prepared Foods Company roster to gradually decrease sodium levels over the years. LEAN CUISINE® was introduced to the American marketplace in 1981 with 10 products; average sodium levels were then at or above 1,000 mg. Today, LEAN CUISINE® offers 123 varieties with an average sodium level of 606 mg (25% DV).

Within the LEAN CUISINE® line, fifteen SPA CUISINE(TM) and eight new MARKET CREATIONS items all contain 1/2 cup vegetables. Fifteen LEAN CUISINE® items are made with 100% whole grain pasta. Ten varieties of LEAN CUISINE® feature seafood, which provides an excellent source of omega-3.

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