Endorphin Warrior Offers Sports Jewelry with One-Word Messages for Boosting Performance in Body, Mind and Spirit

November 9, 2010

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., Nov. 9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can now literally give or receive gifts of Strength, Focus and other qualities that bring about success in workouts and everyday living. Endorphin Warrior (http://www.endorphinwarrior.com) is offering training and sport jewelry that feature one-word messages to serve as motivation while the wearer is working out, running or cycling.

“Our jewelry is made of pure sterling silver and natural leather,” said Eric Jenican, founder of Endorphin Warrior. “It’s durable, lightweight and made to sweat in.” The Endorphin Warrior website offers an array of Warrior training rings, pendants and bracelets. Each piece of jewelry features one of 10 capitalized words: Persevere, Unbreakable, Relentless, Conquer, Strength, Believe, Transcend, Focus, Fearless and Warrior.

Several customers have reported that the pieces helped them train harder, overcome challenges and achieve physical and life goals. “I get at least an e-mail a week from a buyer that tells an incredible story,” Jenican said.

One example is a woman who found the will to finish a running event after her Strength pendant popped out from her top. Another is a woman who bought one of the Unbreakable pieces for her general life. “She has a terminal illness and wanted to cultivate an unbreakable spirit for as long as she’s here,” Jenican explained.

Jenican founded Endorphin Warrior in 2007 after being inspired by a bright yellow rubber wristband he wore as part of the cause against cancer. “I wore the wristband to keep the people who were hurting from cancer and other life challenges in my heart,” he said. When he realized how effective the wristband was as a constant reminder, he decided to make something nicer.

“I’ve always loved human movement and being physical,” Jenican continued. “In college, I became interested in how working out and athletics really trains the whole person.” He came up with the idea of jewelry that could keep an individual’s mental and emotional strength going while they trained.

Although he currently targets runners, athletes and fitness enthusiasts, Jenican wants to eventually expand the jewelry to people needing support in other parts of life. “The words I selected are meaningful in sports but are also pertinent in daily living,” he said. “For example, the word ‘Conquer’ to me is a message to conquer my running and workout goals, but it’s also a reminder to get out of my comfort zone in my work life.”

While the jewelry is made for workouts, people have told him that they wear the pieces all day long to help them stay positive and strong. In fact, one customer reported that since buying her piece in the fall of 2009 she has never taken it off.


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